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Naomi Achu: A captivating songstress to look out for

[two_columns border="border"] [dropcap style="two" color="blue" text="A" /]fter watching the video “Alhadji”, I can hardly get you out of my heard. It reminds me a lot of raw music, music that makes you wants to jump out of your seat and just dance your life away. Naomi Achu, is a Cameroonian artist rising to fame. Her music has been growing steadily and there is no way one can forget her honeyed voice and charming face. I have always wanted to get my hands on Naomi, to do an interview with her, get the story behind this lovely face and show case it to my network of readers. This is the perfect opportunity for me, as it coincided with issue 5 of fabafriq magazine, the release of Alhadji Video and the launch of her new website http://www.naomiachu.com. Let’s check the Diva out! FAM: Hi Naomi, It is a pleasure for me to finally have this interview with you. You have got such a talent and we are pleased to show case it. To start off, please tell us how your friends and family call you? NA: Hi !!! First of all, thank you for having me on board!! Many call me me Fruh, which is the name I was born with. And some call me Naomi. Also, being the last born of six, growing up, I was called Bebe by my brothers and sisters. But more than anything, its been Fruh (pronounced Frueh). FAM: What does music mean to you? NA: Music is a form of expression. It is the ability to create something...The opportunity to share your imagination and creativity with the world. Music to me is the ability to turn something sorrowful into something beautiful. The best part of making music is the beginning part; the part where nobody really knows the end product. FAM: What is the first dream you had about a career in Music? NA: Hmmmm. I dreamed I was at the Grammy Awards beside Whitney Houston, getting ready to receive my award.... Yeah, I know. I've always been a big dreamer. My family will tell you. FAM: As a diva, what else do you wish to achieve? NA: I hope to build a platform as a spokesperson for healthcare in Africa. I very recently started an organization called "International Nurses for Africa" which is geared towards improving health care and health education in Africa. I'd like to see Africa reach its full potential given her natural resources and gifted people. Below is the link to its facebook page. http://en-gb.facebook.com/pages/International-Nurses-For-Africa/120589968018522 FAM: If you were not an artist, what would you have loved to do? NA: I would be making use of my nursing license or working as a journalist which is another profession I've always admired. FAM: How did growing up in a family of talented people influenced your career in music? NA: We inspire each other. My family inspire me to be a better person and they also challenge my creativity. I look to each of my brothers and sisters for one thing or the other. Most recently, Shiri, the painter and architect inspires me with her unique fashion sense and loving spirit. I praise God for my support system. FAM: Tell us a bit more about Alhadji? NA: Well, it all started like a joke. Some friends and fans asked me if I had ever thought of writing a song in pidgin. So I took that into consideration. One day as I was getting ready to go out, the lines and the melody "I go take your money go" came to me.... I added "Alhadji" to complete my story. Then when I travelled to Cameroon in the summer, I recorded the song at M1 studio with Emil (Producer) and Abigail Doh (who did my back up vocals). And the final mixing and mastering was done in Maryland with Walta at Dream Recording Studios... and the rest is history! FAM: Why the name Alhadji? NA: That was my creative mind speaking. I come up with the most random things. Alhadji was catchy, interesting and a term that many countries and cultures can relate with. Also, Muslim culture goes across the board. [/two_columns] [two_columns_last border="border"]Alhadji is first and foremost the title given to the Pilgrim after travelling to Mecca. However, it is also associated with many successful and prestigious men in society .I wanted a term that had a broad audience. And here it is. Listen to Alhadji [audio:http://www.fabafriq.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Alhadji.mp3|titles=Naomi Achu -Alhadji] FAM: How did you put the team together? Where did you pick the talents, (The Crew?) NA: First of all, I am immensely blessed to have worked with the team I had. I have been working with Elvis (Director) AKA Vis3K for about a year. He spotted me in January 2010 performing at an event and since then he has been very instrumental in my career. Some of the the VIP crew are talents from his agency (http://www.visagency.com) , and some of the dancers, I was blessed to meet online through networking. Mirabel and Pridine (part of the dance crew) are actresses in their own right but were open to working on this project with me. Adriana and Crystal, the other two dancers are professional dancers in their own right. I've performed with Adriana and Crystal live at occasions. We also had Make-up artist Michelle A. Clark on board who has done my make up for several other projects. I met Nadia, our stylist through online networking early this year. She was open to helping out and picking stuff out for us. Then of course, we had Cote Minou and Euphrasie Fash, our two loving designers who were open to us pulling some outfits from their collections. Many people asked about my fiery red mohawk. It was done by Christine Amboo of www.weavesalon.com. Christine is in the video. She's the lady lady in white with long brown hair! FAM: Tell us more about your current activities? NA: Currently, I'm doing shows and making guest appearances. And now that the video is complete, its studio, studio, studio for me. At least till my album is complete. FAM: How much notice should one give, if they want to book you for an out of the USA event/performance? NA: 3 months and above is usually good. That way I can plan accordingly with my team. FAM: Where can we buy your whole album? NA: My last project, a four track EP entitled "No Boundaries" is available on iTunes. http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/naomi-achu/id338652051 "Living Testimony", the full length album should be available this Spring. Lookout for Release parties near you! The updates will be on my website. FAM: Any links you want our readers to check apart from the website? N.A:Sure. Definitely! Readers can join my facebook fan page by clicking below. There's also links to myspace, twitter and youtube. www.Facebook.com/NaomiAchu www.MySpace.com/NaomiAchu www.Twitter.com/NaomiAchu www.YouTube.com/ NaomiAchuWorldwide FAM: What should we look out for? NA: Look out for exciting stuff. Listen and watch for creativity and playfulness. I am African, so whether I'm singing pop or hip-hop, I try to drag my roots in somehow. It was so nice to have you on board, I feel so inspired and I can’t to end this interview and resume my fascination to listening to Alhadji. Hoping we’ll meet again very soon, I wish you all the best. Thanks for reading, this was a very interesting interview, I hope you feel the same and I hope you have copied the links. Join her fan groups, promote her sounds, push her, push her and push her. Finally we have our very own! So let’s keep it growing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Le9u29UtvaM [/two_columns_last] [nggallery id=37]


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