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Have a stylish wedding with more dash than cash

[two_columns border="border"]Many brides make the mistake of thinking a wonderful wedding is when you spend more zeros. Couples should start thinking about how many zeros the ceremony, reception and honeymoon will add to their matrimonial bills. It is estimated that an average wedding cost £20.000 this is more than some people’s yearly salary. It is always important to make things happen for your wedding and as time goes on, people are keen to put a stamp on the occasion by doing something themselves. Not only does that make it unique for you, but it also saves money. Talking of saving money, where can you actually cut cost in your wedding? We asked real-live brides and planners about where you can pinch pennies and this is what they had to say... Let’s look at the ring? Today the average amount spent on a wedding ring is £1,200, as confirmed by most jewellers. The time has passed when people believed it was actually a ‘spend two-month’s salary rule’, this was made up by jewellers. Nowadays, it should be more about the one you can afford, the one that fits your lifestyle and the one that fits you. Not all women want to be held down by a huge rock! Save money on rings by

  • Choosing the ring you can afford
  • The ring that fits you
  • The ring that fits your life style
  • Checking out smaller independent jewellers
  • Antiques rings
  • Think outside the box “ palladium looks the same as platinum, but cost much less”
Venues Most brides will confirm this is one of the most difficult decisions to make. Most couples spend a lot of money just to have the right venues for their wedding. Selecting a venue should be the fun for the bride and bridesmaids and in some cases, mothers of the bride and groom. You don t however have to spend 000s of pounds for a venue where you can have a venue for free. Real-life bride Monica said to FabAfriq Magazine “In cutting cost and planning for debt-free life after our wedding, Pat and I decided to use our Office seminar room for our reception” In the last 2 years, there has been a shift to holding a wedding in a more personal location, this do not only help to cut cost, but it add a personal touch to your wedding and you can feel free to have much more fun. The down pit in this style is that, most people, especially in the Diaspora, have very limited space so are bound to look for an ideal location where they can entertained their guests. Real-live Bride Chioma  Nneka, told FabAriq Magazine “we had 50% off our reception hall because we booked and occupied 130 rooms in the hotel for two nights. We had an out of town wedding, so friends had their accommodation sorted”. The bottom line is where ever you choose to have your reception, make sure you try to negotiate a deal. [/two_columns] [two_columns_last border="border"] Entertained Ah! Many couple forget to remember how important it is to save on DJs and the likes in weddings is, says wedding planner Doureen. Most couples are negotiating for venues with DJs add on. So when you go out shopping for venues, get an A lister of those with add-on DJs as your fist option. Real-live bride Adelina said, “Nelson and I included the DJ in our reception package, although we saved some money, we did not have the time to meet and select our songs. Most of our guests were happy with the selections the DJ made, but we don’t think the older guests so lucky since the DJ played more modern music’s than oldies” Choosing a professional MC for the occasion is always a plus if you want to entertain. Although MCs are getting more and more expensive in Africa, wedding planner Daureen advised couples to look amongst their friends to see who can do a good job before settling for a professional MC. To make your party memorable, think of adding some live music. It might be too expensive to bring some professional bans so look amongst your friends who could sing to entertain our guest. Real-live Bride Anwi Etame told FabAfriq Magazine, “Although we had some professional bands, the person who really made the entertainment memorable was my Friend and bridesmaid Debra Debs with the best music. Her music moved everyone and people wanted more from her” Young musicians are also a good way of saving money. Make sure you listen to their music before hiring them. In Africa, traditional groups are cheap and can sure make a wedding look glamorous and entertained! Food Drinks and the Cake Once the ring, venue and music are sorted, you have the task of feeding everyone. The amount you need to budget for varies greatly, on the number of guest.  Food and drinks will also, depends on the venue you booked if it is catered or self-cater. Most venues in Africa now have overseas style, where the reception venues are incorporating food, drinks and cake. Do your research as early as possible, and choose the one that offers the best options. Try as much as you can, to negotiate a deal to provide your drinks, alcohol can be so expensive in some venues. In Nigeria and Cameroon, the market for wedding cakes has increased in a number. Wedding cakes have become very expensive and one thing is for sure, must people go for show-case, rather than significant. Think of your theme, when choosing your wedding cake, and think of how you can save money. Real Bride Adeline told FabAfriq, “We had our wedding cake made by a family friend Shang kigham. It was a lovely 5 set cake and accessorised with fresh flowers from mutengene junction” (A small floral village) While Real bride Silvia had her wedding cake donated by her friend Yvonne Forchu. Her cake was a master piece and accentuated her wedding theme. Check out our next issue and find out how to save on wedding outfits, photographer and other wedding necessities! It doesn’t matter how good you are with your money, saving for a wedding is huge and you need to be disciplined. Download free on-line tools and start planning on saving now! Interactive on-line tools help you to keep track of your spending until you reach your grand total. [/two_columns_last]


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