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Bah’Ndong Drops New Album “Rebelations 2:1” With 21 Songs


Germany-based Cameroonian artist Bah'Ndong has released a new album "Rebelations 2:1" with an astonishing repertoire of 21 songs. This follows his transition from pure hip-hop into the blend of rap and Afrobeat, Makossa, Bikutsi and Njang music genres.

After being part of the Madhouse Matadors rock band in Germany, he decided to come back home to his native African music, but with extraordinary international blends. That formula seems to be working well for him, as the album has songs of all the musical genres from Central Africa to Central Europe. The BGC Melody protégé raps and sings effortlessly in English, French, Pidgin English, Cameroon street lingo and his native African language Limbum.

Bah’Ndong revealed that the number 21 is equal to Seven times Three (7x3); the 7 being a mystical number representing life (the seven days of the week), and the 3 being representative of the Holy Trinity, depicting the three phases of his life as an artist. First the pure hip-hop hardcore rap artist that he was during his days at the University of Buea, where he was known as “The Blade” and rapped with his group CAMSELECT; the second phase being when he decided to start rapping on African beats and allowed his Africanness to shine through his music without shame; and the third phase is the current where he took the bold step towards actually singing and rapping about LOVE, knowing full well that he does not have the perfect voice for singing like many other artists, yet he believes that the power of words of love can convey feelings and emotions that even the best voice with no good lyrics cannot.


Bah'Ndong is dedicating the album “Rebelations 2:1” to his mother, who is honoured in song number 5, “Mama J”, for having taught him to be able to a strong man who is not afraid of showing emotion when emotion matters.


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