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Beneficial Life Insurance Cameroon: Host's a Youth Career Orientation conference


The event which brought together Beneficial Life insurance staff, beneficiaries of the CEP (Children’s Education Plan) product of Beneficial Life, parents, resource persons, and other stake holders took place in Douala Cameroon at the Dominique Savio Parish in Bonanjo Douala. Activities began at midday with a word from Mr Nkwenti- the Financial Director of Beneficial Life insurance. He welcomed all present and proceeded to give a brief history of the company.

The company, he said, was founded in 1974(43 years old), and has earned its place as one of the best insurance companies in the country. Beneficial Life as a company which prioritizes its Children’s Education Plan has been faithfully honouring its promises in the lives of all its clients and most especially those under their education scheme for children who may have lost one or all of their parents or whose parent for one reason or another has become unable to pull through with the cost of their education. In such situations, Beneficial Life has been paying out compensations for about six hundred thousand francs per academic year per child. It is also worth noting that close to five hundred kids have benefited up to about more than one hundred million francs per year in settlements.

This time around, Beneficial Life has decided to put a human face to their activities. It doesn’t just want to simply hand out checks to beneficiaries but has decided to go a step further by organizing the event of this day. This event brought together children especially those in their teen ages to not only prepare checks for them, but to do more by preparing them on career choices, how to choose a career and the challenges one may find in each career choice and how to overcome them, among other things.

Experts and specialists from various careers were present to make sure that the participants understood each career option to the best of their ability. This event, is intended to be an eye opener and will not just stop at the end of the day but continue with a mentorship plan whereby each child, according to their needs, will be given a mentor from among the beneficial life staff and other consultants, to guide them through successfully, into their dream career.

Among the professionals for the day were the following:
Mr Foryoung Eustace who is a Solutions architect at Vodacom. He presented the various opportunities and career options for those interested in the field of information technology, which include Database, Analytics(data science), Programming, Security(Cyber security), Networking, among others.
Barrister Bile who is a barrister at law proceeded to give the pros and cons of a career in law and why it is important for the little ones to know exactly what it takes to succeed in such a career choice.
The medical doctor also presented what medicine means, what it takes to be a medical doctor in terms of educational requirements, and the psychological, emotional and other qualities which anyone who aspires to have a career in the medical field should be aware of and prepared to acquire in case they are lacking.

The children also had the opportunity to listen to ViolaLlewelyn, the CEO and one of the founders of OVAMBA,who opened the eyes of the kids to know just how unique and special each of them is, and also gave tips of how to have the right attitudes that are fundamental if they wish to succeed in life.
The event ended on a very good note, with a relaxed atmosphere and games which witnessed the awarding of a laptop and some iPads as gadgets that can assist these kids as they find their way around getting through school and into their dream careers.


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