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Cameroonian Model Turned Designer AforTenye Unveils Her First Collection

Now based in the US, Miss Tenye has launched her first collection of original African print inspired designs under her design house, Stitches by Tenye. Created to represent the inspiration and personality of its founder, "Stitches by Tenye" is a contemporary woman's fashion brand that aims to satisfy the stylish urge of the urban woman by incorporating vibrant African prints with a modern designs.

Each design by Stitches by Tenye is an original from conception to fabrication. The African Print clothing line is for the woman who loves to feel sexy, stylish, comfortable, confident and vibrant at all times. This first Collection dubbed “The Phoenix Collection” has something for everyone: the urban teenager, the working woman, the mother of three, the ballroom princess, the nightlife queen, the wedding guest…whatever your style preferences and dress size is, there’s something for you.

True to its spring like nature with a 'mélange' of bright colors, the collection is infused with keen attention to detail and made with passion for the finer things in life. Just like a Phoenix rising from its ashes, this maiden collection promises to reawaken the queen in every woman and reveal a brand new you – Bold, Beautiful, Confident, Fierce, Fearless and absolutely Stunning! 

Get the Tenye look this spring!

For More Information:


Instagram: :https://www.instagram.com/stitchesbytenye/?hl=en

Snapchat/Twitter/Pinterest @afortenye

Email: stitchesbytenye@gmail.com

Phone:US: (+ 1)443 338 6582

Cameroon:+237 67639 17 87

To Pre- Order visit our website: WWW.AFORTENYE.COM

Photocredit: Stewdio Photography

Make up Artist: Divinetouch Beauty Artistry

Models: AforTenye, BtriceBih




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