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Sanofi Afrique is proud to once more give the opportunity for African start-ups to participate in the 2019 Viva Technology conferences and exhibitions. This will be from May 16 to May 18 2019 and is expected to bring together 10,000 startups with top worldwide investors, companies & global tech leaders. The Lab is VivaTech's DNA and it is a place where collaboration, open innovation and meetings between leading companies and innovative startups take place. During the event, start-ups will have the opportunity to be part of the Sanofi in Africa Lab, if they are selected by the partner. 

To qualify for this, you’ll need to be an African Start-up with at least a proof of concept with positive results in one Africa country. Maturity includes technology, seniority, workforce, turnover, fundraising. Your start-up should be relevant and should be designed to provide solutions with market potential. You should also have a business model, Skills & Expertise and should demonstrate your skills in working in a team. Prior experiences Scientific evidence is requested when applicable

To find out more about Viva Technology, click here to check out our website!

With regards to the scope of the Sanofi Afrique Viva Tech Challenges, Sanofi is looking for affordable and easy to use solution from African start-ups with at least a proof of concept with positive results in at least one country in Africa.

Challenge 1 

How to enhance awareness, diagnosis and disease management of patients suffering from Diabetes?
Over two-thirds of adults living with diabetes in Africa are unaware of their condition. Once diagnosed, a majority of patients remains untreated or uncontrolled, mainly because of access and affordability, lack of medical capabilities and patient education. Scalable and affordable solutions are necessary to overcome those challenges.

Challenge 2
How to improve the access to medicines in remote areas from supply chain management to alternative payment solutions?
Today we face difficulty to reach patients in remote areas. Development of systems reaching the “Last Mile” through e-commerce, direct to a pharmacy, direct to patient and tailored payment solutions can provide better health support for people.

Challenge 3
How to support decision-makers in getting better use of available health data?
Today, big data can be used for diseases recognition and prediction, for research purposes and to improve healthcare management. We are looking for solutions supporting evidence-informed decision making and measuring the Public-Private Partnerships outcomes.

The Timeframe

Why participate?

Sanofi AfricaTech Lab is a destination for those looking at opportunities to connect with the right partners at VivaTech. Some of the benefits include but not limited;

A Free booth & tickets, this is a corner to demonstrate your solution to the attendees. You will also have an opportunity to Develop your network with key stakeholders, investors
and will be offered free 4 tickets for 3 days at VivaTech

Moreover, you will Pitch & Meet during the event. This includes an opportunity to attend a pitch preparation workshop the day before VivaTech. After the workshop, you will be invited to Pitch in front of a jury composed of Sanofi top executives and key external stakeholders.

Another benefit is the opportunity to scale up through the Sanofi collaboration Reward. This is a great way to engage deep discussion with expert functions and Sanofi in Africa General thus an assess feasibility of future collaboration in Africa (e.g. potential pilot, potential investment by Sanofi VC...)

Sanofi Africa Management team will offer you Coaching and Mentoring support to help accelerate your business.

There is also an opportunity for financial help and access to Sanofi internal expertise to support your business and your international growth strategy

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Africa is a very diverse continent with major health challenges that require dynamic, innovative approaches to ensure the future health of the populations. We, at Sanofi, have been committed to the communities and people right across Africa for more than 50 years. We feel it our responsibility to use our expertise, knowledge and experience to continuously seek out the most innovative, adapted approaches to improve access to medicines and healthcare for the people of Africa. Whether it is preventing disease or managing illness, we strive to integrate the latest technologies to make our innovations and services accessible to millions of people around Africa.


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