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Get Down With Anrette Ngafor Of Liiber London

True to her X Factor, the designer recently released “The Re-awakening”, a bright and vibrant collection featuring sequins, satin and much more. Anrette effortlessly blends different fabric textures and colors to create masterpieces.

“Reawakening” will reawaken the beauty within every woman of every size and lifestyle choice and make them feel sexy and comfortable in their own skin. The fabulous elegant pieces beautifully unite the old and new without missing a beat. What Anrette has reinforced in this collection is the fact that glamour never goes out of style. To celebrate her birthday, FabAfriq caught with Anrette and here is what she had to say about design, inspiration, her new collection Reawakening and much more... 

FabAfriq Magazine: Happy Birthday Anrette! Must be a good time to be a year older. Tell us about the brand Liiber London?

Anrette : Liiber London is an international women's wear brand which was created in 2012. It's all about self expression. We are a global brand which truly draws inspiration from sights, sounds and people

FabAfriq Magazine:Who is your ideal liiber London woman.

Anrette: My ideal Liiber woman is confident and bold yet sexy. She is one who definitely stands out of the crow

FabAfriq Magazine:What is your inspiration for the new collection ''Reawakening''?

Anrette: The new collection was inspired by true beauty! Everyone has an internal beauty we just need to search deep. 

FabAfriq Magazine:Can you tell us how this new collection stands out from others you've done in terms of creativity?

Anrette:The collection to me is very different because the idea was to make sure every glamourous woman gets to wear a piece be it a slender or curvy woman.

FabAfriq Magazine:Why the name Reawakening?

Anrette: Re-awakening truly oozes luxury, glamour, class and power. It simply reawakes every piece of beauty within a troubled soul. 

FabAfriq Magazine: Truly inspiring! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us and the entire world. Enjoy your birthday!

Anrette: Thank you! The pleasure is all mine.


Models: Foje Jency, Marie Groabe 

Photography: Alain Ngann,

MUA: Bee Makinda.

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