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Get Down With Stanlo A. Akisah of Stanlion Clothing

 Stanislaus A Akisah is the creative founder and design director of the USA based metrosexual Stanlion clothing.The Cameroonian born designer Stanlo as he is widely known is celebrated for his sharp creative articulation of style and bespoke suits.

He makes no apologies when it comes to stitching the perfect colourful flamboyant suits and jackets . According to him, the goal of his brand is to portray class, style and a fresh angle of modern fashion to like minded fashionistas. Stanlion caters for both men and women’s fashion and is one of the few Cameroonian International brands that has a significant number of World class and African clients as well as a huge home based market .The celebrity designer uses classic elements infused with a keen attention details to realize top quality suits which have earned him a top spot in the global fashion industry.The “classic man” suits are a fashion statement every man needs to make in his lifetime! We got down with Stanlo and he shared details on his inspiration, his home country and some juicy details on his personal life. 

 FabAfriq Magazine:Describe yourself in 6 words.?  

Stanlo A.Akisah: I am a humble, pragmatic, kind, loving, daring and confident. 

FabAfriq Magazine:Tell us something about you that most people don’t know?

Stanlo A.Akisah: Hmmmm, I don't think most people know I’m a nurse except close friends and family plus I hardly post pictures of me at work so most people know just the fashion side of me.


FabAfriq Magazine:What is life like as a Nurse by day and Designer by Night?

Stanlo A.Akisah:To be honest, being a nurse is not an easy task! I work a daily 12 hour shift (7pm to 7am) and sometimes handling the two professions is really overwhelming. Somedays after work when all I want to do is crash, a client will call for with an urgent order and I’ll have to get it done. I really believe in excellent customer service at all times so...plus I love what I do. On days like that I can’t help but wish I could just be a designer full time. Don't get me wrong! I'm very passionate about taking care of the sick but at this point in my life, I want to build something unique, a legacy I can leave for my children and grandchildren.

FabAfriq Magazine:What/Who is your greatest inspiration?

Stanlo A.Akisah:My kids, my wife, my siblings.

FabAfriq Magazine:What message do you want the Stanlion man to portray as he walks down the street? 

Stanlo A.Akisah: Every Stanlion man exudes confidence and always Stands Out. Stanlion men are Lions...they lead at all times and don't follow the crowd.

FabAfriq Magazine:What’s your recipe for consistency in the design game? 

Stanlo A.Akisah: Never satisfied with the Status quo. Never compromise quality for quantity or cheap short term gains. I am my own biggest critic that’s why I’m surrounded by a team that doesn't accept mediocrity starting from my wife Lisette to our PR Joyce Tani and our Marketing Director Valery Holmes and so on. They always have the best advice, positive criticisms and the awesome instincts.

FabAfriq Magazine:Tell us about your proudest and lowest moment as a designer?

Stanlo A.Akisah: Wow! There are so many proud moments. My favorite is when we get the finished product of a design concept from our manufacturers and it looks just the way we envision. I think my really low moments are when the designs come back from the manufacturers and I am unable to put it in the market because of one fault or anything else that hinders the perfection the brand stands

FabAfriq Magazine: What’s your take on the fashion Industry back home in Cameroon?

Stanlo A.Akisah: I think the fashion industry in Cameroon is at it exponential phase. People are starting to understand what branding is all about and young talents are springing up everywhere. It is a great thing for our country. I do think, we need to continue polishing our finished products back home from some of our young designers. They have to learn to be consistent and understand standard measurement charts or develop one for your brand. I should not order a size EU 48 suit today, and next week I order same thing and it measures differently, people hate that.

FabAfriq Magazine: If you didn’t move to the states do you think you should’ve still explored the designer side of you?

Stanlo A.Akisah: Without a doubt I think I would have, but it might have taken a little longer for me to get the resources to do what I'm doing now. But definitely, this is my calling, no doubt about that.

FabAfriq Magazine:Favorite quote?

Stanlo A.Akisah:"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time"

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