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Living With Earth in Mind/ Ensuring a safer Environment

One of the peculiarities of the month of April is it being the month with a day set aside to celebrate the Earth. Earth Day, celebrated every April 22, is aimed at inspiring earth’s inhabitants to demonstrate their support for environmental protection. It is all about environmental and climate literacy.
It is less than two weeks away from Earth Day celebration,with various activities and events in the pipelines,and some already unfolding across the world: the upcoming Match for Science rally in Washington DC, the ongoing “Adopt the Planet” campaign carried out by NASA, inviting people to "adopt" one of 64,000 individual pieces of Earth as seen from space (find out more here https://go.nasa.gov/2p9tg8y). For the love of our planet, necessity is placed on us to make everyday Earth Day by being more conscious of our environment and doing the little we can to make it conducive for habitation.
Little drops of water, they say, make a mighty ocean. The little things we do towards this cause can make a huge difference if only we would be persistent. When we say “little”, we really mean little. Don’t panic! Mother Earth is not about to demand much from you. Here are five little things to do to care for our environment.

Going to the Grocery? Make a List!

How on earth does making a list for groceries help the environment?! Well… it does. Remember we said it is the little things we do. Taking out time to make a list when going to the grocery will prevent unnecessary spending, hence unnecessary waste dueto buying items that will end up in the trash too soon. When you plan the week’s meal, you stand a better chance of left-over reduction which translates to less waste production.

Done with the butter and chocolate jars? Don’t toss, reuse!
It is totally understandable how the very first instinct would be to toss. But you could think up other duties to assign to these containers. Summon your imaginative and crafty spirit to figure that out. Head to YouTube for inspiration if you have to. No, we do not expect you to become a collector; if you think you have come to the point where you have enough of them, Earth would be grateful if you would just drop them in the recycling bin.

Going on your shopping spree? Take Your Own Bag!

This will greatly reduce waste in the form of plastic bags. These things don’t know “decay”! Earth can’t get rid of them in a hurry. Having your own bag for your shopping is way more eco-friendly – actually there is no comparing both options: having your own bag is simply the helpful way to go.

Ordering your Takeaway? Drop the forks and napkins!
You are taking the food away to your own comfortable place! You really do not need the disposable fork and the napkin. You will be eating in the comfort of your own home, where every fork you will ever need is present – except you were headed somewhere else of course.


Curb the car use! What is life without breathable air? 

Ok, we know we had said this is all about the little things you can do. Cutting down on car use may not be that “little” to some, but it is a great eco-friendly choice to make. You will be making your own little contribution in reducing the carbon emissionsinto the environment. You could cycle, walk – for short distances (a plus if you would like to keep fit) – or use public transport.
There is so much more of the little things we can do to care about earth. To get everyone on board for this will of course entail sensitizing, time and patience.Imagine a world where we all do our own share of the little! Baby steps welcomed; persistence is encouraged. We can live each day with Earth in mind.



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