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Reggae Recognized by UNESCO as Global Cultural Heritage

Reggae music has today been inscribed as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, by the United Nations. The genre of Jamaican origin with regards to legendary artist Bob Marley has been a symbolic force worldwide in fights against injustice. It is also remarkable for preaching peace, love, freedom, and praising God.

Over decades, soundtracks like “Redemption Song”, “Africa Unite”, “Get Up Stand Up”, “No Woman No Cry” just to name a few, have thrilled music lovers beyond generations, across boundaries, ethnic groups and religious denominations.

Raggae is a blend of numerous musical influences of the 1960s, including early Jamaican forms and neo-African styles from North America. It originated in Western Kingston Jamaica, then marked by a cultural setting of marginalisation. This recognition stands out alongside the International Reggae day on July 1, celebrated since 1994.

The Intangible Cultural Heritage List features cultural practices and elements that help demonstrate the diversity of cultural heritage and raise awareness about its importance.


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