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The 4th Edition of Corporate Women in Leadership Summit set for Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire.

The 4th edition of the Corporate Women in Leadership Summit, organised by FabAfriq PR under the theme "Better Together", has been scheduled for November 29, 2018 at the Radisson Blu Hotel Abidjan Airport, Cote d'Ivoire from 9 am to 1 pm. The conference which is divided into two main panels of discussion will focus on how to develop varied skills at work and peace and security in the workplace. The panellists are chosen from different corporate and state organisations giving a fine blend to this Abidjan edition.

The Corporate Women in Leadership has as objective to promote career growth in corporate women by providing a forum for exchange between successful female corporates and young corporates. This Abidjan edition will be in partnership with the Expat Professional and Business Women Network (EPBWN), Abidjan. EPBWN is an international and diverse group of professional and business women who enhance the advancement of women through mentoring, training, networking and job placement. Just like the Corporate Women in Leadership, their networking activities provide opportunities for women to share strengths, talents, and experiences.

Approximately seventy participants are expected to take part in the November 29th conference. This is the second time the conference will be hosted out of its country of origin- Cameroon. The 2nd edition was hosted in Libreville Gabon last year and had in attendance about a hundred participants. True to its goal to impact more women around Africa and the world, the pan African initiative will be held in many more African countries in the years ahead.

Facebook: Corporate Women in leadership


Twitter: @Corp_women
Website: www.thecorporateawards.com
Register on Eventbrite: https://bit.ly/2QemgVT 
Contact Abidjan: +225 77 56 55 50
Contact Cameroon: +237 67639 17 87


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