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Top 3 Morning Lifestyle Tricks to Adopt


With 24 hours each day, what you do when you wake up in the morning can be very decisive. It is important to start off fit and positive to face the rest of the day. Spice up your morning schedule with these 3 points which will surely improve your productivity and efficiency as you carry on with a potentially busy schedule.

Drink water
There may be variations as to the quantity and nature of water to be taken but it is necessary to drink at least a glass of water every morning. Wondering why you need water at this time of the day? Besides, it is said that 70 % of the body is made of water. Well, during sleep the body gets active and dehydrated as a result of releasing internal toxins. Water is required to flush out these waste upon rehydrating. Adding some lemon juice or citrus fruits will favour your brain functioning and immune system even more, thanks to vitamin C.

You may not have time to hit the gym or go for a morning run before work. Relax! A couple of mobility exercises from push-ups to deep squats, touching your toes and planks, help stretch and relax your muscles. Give yourself enough time through each of these exercises, as you make progress. This is the way to go as it favours your mood and physical energy especially.


It is often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and if you're not fasting you should go for a balanced breakfast diet. With respect to your daily plan and how you eat, ensure your breakfast has some milk, carbohydrates and other nutrients like vitamins and proteins. A good breakfast can sustain you enough until your next meal later in the day. This saves you from sudden bouts of hunger within a tight work schedule.

Health is wealth, and happiness is often found in the little things in life. These simple tricks may just be what you need to get you excelling in your daily activities.



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