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Women In Architecture Round Table Discussion: Inspiring Young Women To Build A Career In Architecture And Related Fields

   The main objective of this event is to promote architecture as a career choice for women. Amongst the main speakers are women who thrive in this sector despite all odds. They will share their story, challenges, successes through panel discussions, keynote speeches, Question/Answer sessions in a bid to inspire young girls who are looking to join the sector as well as provide them with a mentor.

   The International day of the woman to be held under the theme "Press for progress" calls for women to push forward for gender parity, raise their voices against social ills, form communities and movements that will impact change. In line with this, this sit down with women in the architecture will serve as a reminder that women are part of this sector and there is room for many more women to join. This event is expected to host 30-50 young participants of both genders.

  Interested in architecture? Click here http://bit.ly/2HI3v9d to register for free and take part in this inspiring event!

 Please note that related fields like Real Estate, Interior Design, Contractors, etc will be discussed.

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