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Ethiopian Airlines Adds Innovative App Feature ‘Feel Addis’ to Elevate Passengers’ Layover Experience

Passengers flying Ethiopian with layover between 8 and 24 hours in Addis Ababa are set to have their end-to-end layover experience transformed in a whole new way with the launch of the airline’s digitized transit package dubbed 'Feel Addis'.
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Carol Hondonga, Talent Acquisition Director for GE Healthcare Joins the Corporate Awards Board of Directors

Carol Jondonga, GE Healthcare, The Corporate Awards,

Carol Hondonga, the Talent Acquisition Director for GE Healthcare in the Middle East, Turkey, Pakistan and Africa has joined the HR based awards, The Corporate Awards as a Board Member.
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Founder and Chief Strategist of 3XG UK Consulting Ltd. Abah Ofon, Joins the Corporate Awards Board of Directors

Abah Ofon, 3XG UK Consulting Ltd, The Corporate Awards,

​The Founder and Chief Strategist of the 3XG UK Consulting Firm, Mr Abah Ofon is now a member of the Corporate Awards Board. Mr Ofon has over 21 years’experience in macroeconomics, commodities, trade and research in financial markets in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe.
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Unique Adventures to Try In South Africa

From the picturesque shorelines to national reserves, South Africa's iconic landscapes are enough reason to visit the country. Apart from the immense size of land, there are the endless mountains, rich wildlife, and serene waters, all ready to explore. Thus, it is no wonder why the rise in tourism has skyrocketed within the recent decade, according to the World Tourism Organization.
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MIZIZI International In Collaboration with Disney Release Lion King Baseball Jerseys

MIZIZI International has released a LION KING Baseball Jersey in collaboration with Disney and in light of the 25th anniversary of the historic movie. This design was created by Kenneth William Obeng (@kwesioben), creatively directed by Temi Thomas (@temithomas_) and captured by photographer Paa Kwesi Yanful (@kwesithethird)
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African Music Giant Dj Arafat Dies After Ugly Road Accident

A huge page of African music and culture is gone! The world is mourning the loss of its musical icone Dj Arafat.
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Handcuffed Black Man Led With A Rope By Two White Policemen On Horseback In Galveston Sparks Outrage

Some critics demand the immediate dismissal of the two officers concerned, stating that it brought back horrible memories of the slave trade era and that the apology of the police chief was weak and inadequate.
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THE ROOKIE” Actress Afton Williamson Leaves The Police Drama Series, Alleging Onset Racism and Sexual Misconduct

The ABC television series The Rookie which is now filming its second season will no longer have Williamson on the set as Officer Talia Bishop.
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EcobanK Cameroon's MD, Gwendoline Abunaw Supports all Girls Initiative, Kuva Africa

Ecobank Cameroon's MD Gwendoline Abunaw delivers an inspirational keynote speech at Kuva Africa' first graduation. The all-girls program is an initiative launched in Douala Cameroon on July 4th, 2019 to help young girls develop leadership skills.
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Nigerian Kemi Badenoch Appointed UK Junior Minister for Children and Families

Kemi Badenotch has been appointed junior minister of Children and Families in the government reshuffle that took place with the newly elected UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
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