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World Cup 2018: Croatia Reaches Final After 2-1 Win Over England

Fans let off flares in the streets and smoke filled the night sky, as Croatia celebrated the goal which took the national football team to the World Cup final for the first time in the country's history.
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Get Down With Yemi Osunkoya Of Kosibah Couture

As a woman, your wedding day is one of the most remarkable days of your life and everything has to be perfect; the hair, the makeup, the bridal party, the decor, the food and most importantly the dress. As a child, Yemi Osunkoya had an exceptional eye for detail and minutes after attending a wedding with his parents in his homeland of Nigeria, he would sketch the elaborate designs he had seen adorning the bridal party; recreating everything from the bridesmaids’ parasols to the flower girls’ hemlines with the help of only pen and paper.
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L’incroyable destin de Jean-Pierre Adams - 36 ans dans le coma!

Jean-Pierre Adams, football,

Jean-Pierre Adams, l'ancien footballeur, défenseur du PSG et de l'équipe de France dans les années 1970, est dans un coma végétatif depuis une opération en 1982.
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Beyoncé And Jay-Z To Headline Global Citizen Festival In South Africa

Beyonce and Jay-Z will be among headliners at a Nelson Mandela tribute concert to be held in South Africa at the end of the year. The couple will form part of a star-studded line-up at the Mandela:100 event on December 2 to honor the legacy of the anti-apartheid hero in his Centenary year
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PCOS, The Causes, Symptoms And How To Manage This Tricky Disease

If you have been having irregular periods or have suddenly been putting on weight, you might want to get yourself checked for polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

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Rwanda :Volkswasgen le constructeur automobile allemand ouvre sa premiere usine de montage

Madame Clare Akamanzi, Directrice Générale du « Rwanda Development Board », s’est félicitée de l’entrée officielle de « VW » sur le Marché. « Nous sommes ravis d’ouvrir cette nouvelle page en tant que pays. Cette annonce est la preuve des progrès réalisés depuis la signature du protocole d’accord en 2016. Nous sommes confiants que le partenariat avec « VW » va créer de nombreuses opportunités pour les jeunes Rwandais.
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Comment Blanchir les Dents et les Garder en Bonne Sante en 06 Astuces Fabuleuses

Tout ce qu'il faut savoir pour avoir les dents blanches : comment les blanchir et les aliments qui les aident à les garder blanches ou qui les détruisent .Avec le temps,les dents subissent des détériorations qui affectent l'émail dentaire,elles jaunissent et se tachent. Ces désagréments s’accentuent si vous avez des mauvaise habitudes alimentairs notamment(la consommation du sucre,de l’alcool,de la cigarette…)et si votre émail très poreux. Pas de panique toutefois, pour retrouver des dents saines,plus blanches et saines sans vous ruiner.Il vous suffit d’appliquer quelques astuces suivantes ,et de connaître les aliments qui les dents blanches ou qui les affectent.

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South African Wages Dip To Just R238,300 Per Annum

The average South African salary has fallen into the bottom half of incomes throughout the world. Statistics released from StatsSA have revealed that monthly wages have dropped from R20,060 to R19,858, meaning the average South African brings home just R238,300 each year.
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Pullman Douala Rabingha Accueille Mr. Leo Pour Un MEET AND GREET CockTail Party

L'artiste camerounais Mr. Leo recevait ses fans samedi 30 juin à un MEET&GREET PARTY au Pullman Douala Rabingha, en partenariat avec FabAfriq Magazine et Fab-Dream IC&REPCOCKTAIL . Cet évènement avait pour but de créer le contact entre l'artiste et ses fans.
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Filmmaker Eli Steele On His New Documentary “How Jack Became Black” And Multi-Racial Issues In America

Born to a Jewish mother and a black father in 1974, Mr. Steele grew up in San Jose, California, in the United States, to where his parents moved as a result of his father’s new job at San Jose State University. Shortly after the move and right before his first birthday, it was discovered that Mr. Steele was born profoundly deaf. Thanks to a new program, Project IDEA, designed to train deaf children in the auditory method, he learned how to hear and speak
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