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Text in the city

Why the hate?

I am British! What does Britain mean to me well I’ll tell you in one sentence: “Being British to me means I am a citizen of a country belonging to the free world
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These Feminists Clowns

a review of Louisa Lum’s The Sex Allegory

It’s all about being hurt
It’s about being alone
It’s about being on the edge
Of the world with nobody
To ask why you remain in the cold
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FabAfriq Music review

Music that rocks our boat, and those we are listening to!

Music is like food to our souls and takes you to the most beautiful places in the world. We are listening to a lot of music, but have decided to share a selected few with you. Every month, we'll bring you a selection of music we love, so if you are listening to something you want to share, send it to editor@fabafriq.com and we'll share it with our fans. Music lovers have something in common, THEY LOVE MUSIC..
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Famine is an emergency, and Ghyslaine will put an end to it!

Miss Africa USA, brings out the best in people

I will continue to do what I have done to leave the echo of my voice everywhere. My lifestyle will not be drastically changed because I believe I already comport myself as a queen. I would not have to go extra mile to fit for this job. It will positively impact my life and I will definitely use the spotlight to focus on my platform.
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A hustler's gonna hustle no matter what they have or don't have at their disposal

There have always been opportunities out there for anyone who has it in their mind to figure them out right. Russell Simmons sold vinyl out his dorm room at NYU. A hustler's gonna hustle no matter what they have or don't have at their disposal. The way music is recorded and distributed
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