FabAfriq Magazine

FabAfriq is a unique concept magazine offering culture and lifestyle information for people of black origin and individuals who want to learn about African culture. Our objective is to challenge and dispel the stereotypes and myths about Africa and people of black origin, showing the world there is much more to our beautiful continent and people than meets the eye. In partnership with several charitable and non-charitable organisations, we also hope to sensitise and inform our readers on issues which affect our everyday quality of life. Some of the regualar features you will find on our website are;

Fashion: African fashion has never been hotter or more sought after than it is now. As well as features on world renown African designers, FabAfriq will explore a wealth of talent most of the world is yet to discover. We will provide a platform and the opportunity to drive the most promising talent to the forefront.
Covering contemporary world fashion and beauty will allow each reader to pick their style and find the African within.
Lifestyle: Parenting, finances, work:life balance, interior design; FabAfriq Magazine will engulf its readers in a world of varied lifestyle choices. Through this, we hope to share with the world our choices and promote good ethics. Our special features, 'The Professional', '30 second Chat' and 'Personality of the Month' cast a light on individuals who inspire us. 
Sports: Africans have for a long time made waves in the world of sports. As well as encouraging our readers to participate at home, our J’Espionne feature will shine the spotlight on those we believe to be particularly good role models.
Cuisine: Little can be said of Africa without mentioning cuisine. With a vast number of tribes and cultures, the foods of Africa are as diverse as they are colourful.
 Explore African foods through our special feature, 
African Come Dine With Me (with pictures, recipes and competitions).
Health: HIV, AIDS, Cholera, Cancer, Malaria, Heart disease, Prostate cancer. FabAfriq puts the myths to bed and through working with charities, educates on a healthier lifestyle and the role of modern medicine.
Back to Roots, Music, Art, Celebrations (weddings, births, deaths)... there is a veritable wealth of African culture just waiting to be explored. FabAfriq brings you a taste of the never ending smorgasbord through VibeAfriq and a dedicated Wedding section.                                                                              

Relationships: Movies, real life,     fantasy; Learn about love, the African way.