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Enjoy with ET! 2000 Bonus Miles from Cameroon ( DLA & YAO) to any Ethiopian Airlines Destinations

Ethiopian Airlines is pleased to announce that passengers who are flying from Douala or Yaounde to any ET destinations will get additional 2000 bonus miles for each trip and this offer will be valid from July 01, 2016 to July 31,2016.

Ethiopian flies to more countries in Africa than any other airline, along with more destinations spread across Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East. Our Star Alliance Service Partners can take you further to over 1,000 destinations worldwide, beyond our destinations.
This bonus miles is applicable to ShebaMiles members. Any new client or current client travelling with Ethiopian Airlines from Yaounde or Douala could open an account online at the Ethiopian Airlines Customer Service Office to benefit and enjoy from this great opportunity.
Terms and Conditions:
- All Sheba Miles members travelling on these sectors will earn the bonus miles during the offer period.
- The bonus miles will be counted as Award miles towards the total accumulated mileage per member but not calculated as Tier qualifying or Status miles.
Thank you for choosing and flying Ethiopian Airlines.

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