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Global Visionary Women Network” 2nd Global Convention”


The 2nd Global convention of the Global Visionary women network (GVWN) was a huge success. The 3 day event that happened from the 22nd to 24th of June 2016 theme “transformational Leadership and Culture Change” hosted great personalities from around the world.
The GVWN is a unique global network, and the first of its kind ever set up in Liverpool/UK, with a global perspective and vision to foster and encourage global empowerment, leadership, and transformation, through the provision of a global platform for national and international collaboration, knowledge exchange and investment opportunities. As part of UK’s International Festival for Business 2016, Global Visionary Women Network organised its 2nd Global Convention with the aim of bringing together some of the world’s most successful women entrepreneurs, visionaries, and academics to examine how global co-operation can break down the barriers facing women today, and share good practices. Amongst these women were Queen Na TsoTsoo, Lord Mayor of Liverpool Cllr Roz Gladden, Hrh Muzvare Betty Makoni, HE Callista mutharika, Molly Harvey, Janicka Bassis, Viola Llewelly and many others who gave quite interesting and inspiring speeches.

Cllr Nick Small Arnold Chris and Ben Chiza are men with a difference who believe that women are as great leaders as men. They were on the panellist desk with Dr Neva Helena Alexander, Simone Roche, and Cllr Anna Rothery.

Lord Mayor of Liverpool Cllr Roz Gladden and queen gave an inspirational opening speech, after which other speakers came up with very powerful points and touching life experiences. They pointed out most draw backs female leadership faces these days and the strategies needed to change the situation for women to able to make better leaders of a new generation.
GVWN’s main aim is to empower women into extra ordinary leaders and citizens. The end of the 2nd global convention marks the beginning of a new era.
Is now time for women to take the lead!!!


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