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3_DPharma Products- A Range of 100% Naturally Made Products for all Health and Skincare Issues

Health and beauty are the key elements that assure self confidence in any human. 3-Dpharma is concerned with the marketing of 100% naturally made beauty products. The range of these Panacea Pharma products include Vuuma products, gels, antibacterial, anti-stress products, essential balms and lots of products for your well being and health. The products work in the treatment of infections and allergies on all body organs for both men and women.

3-Dpharma is currently on a massive sale campaign of its Panacea capsules. For a capsule box purchased, get one free.
You can have Panacea Pharma products at their DDD in Boulevard de la République, Akwa, opposite Espace LandMark or online at http://www.3-dpharma.com/

For more information or inquiries, contact us
38, boulevard de la république 8389,
BP 8389 Doula, Littoral, Cameroon
Tél : 23772 88 85 87
Mail : Contact@3-dpharma.com

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