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4J Couture:The Solution to your wardrobe dilemma!

Nothing says more about a man better than what he wears. Having a bespoke service speaks volumes and this is the number one fashion technique we are trying to keep. It is not surprising that most celebrities hit up their tailor when they need a new three-piece suit, a tie to match or just something completely different.
Having been in the  design and tailoring industry for less than 2 years it is reliving to find out that 4Jcouture are right on time. It has been confirmed by their customers and observers that they know more than just a thing or two about the importance of men’s fashion. In the very short time that they have been operational, 4Jcouture has developed a reputation for being something of a creative maverick, designing and commissioning a range of products from suits, to ties and shirts and much more ...

As a brand which made a very loud entrance earlier this year, FabAfriq magazine decided to review its services, and establish weather it is still as exciting as it was January 2011! Our findings were amazing and interesting! We undcovered something very exciting and we are itchy to share. Unfortunately, we can only give you a clue and what you should expect will be more than the loud entrance they made in January! Watch out for 4Jcouture in 2012 as they come up with a bag of surprises for their customers and take the world by storm! By default, every man who has a taste of style should have a 4Jcouture piece in their wardrobe. The fact that they offer tailored services and accessories is a plus to the brand! Style and elegance, are two things most men struggle to get right. 4JCouture has made this possible by establishing  a fashion line which focuses on their customer's specifications and guarantee satisfaction

About the Company

Ernest Esunge & Bertrand Fote,  came up with 4Jcouture to bring up to date fashion to the wardrobes of men who want to dress and feel good. They believe that elegance is an essential part of men and are committed to providing high quality clothing apparel to meet the needs of their customers. 

Their customers are the focus of the business, as they reflect what they stand for. That is why they have taken time and patience to make sure that all the items they carry are created and tailored with the highest quality. 

By ensuring the quality is of the highest category, it instils confidence in who wears it and gives them the ultimate good feelings and good looks. Team 4Jcouture takes pride in the fact that a great majority of their customers go back to them repeatedly for their wardrobe needs. 

They also believe high quality and elegance does not mean cut-throat prices. By cutting out the middleman with their private label clothing, they are able to pass on huge savings to their customers everyday and offer unbeatable prices. 

A combination of excellent quality, great service and highly competitive pricing is a winning formula for their customers and their business.

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