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EcobanK Cameroon's MD, Gwendoline Abunaw Supports all Girls Initiative, Kuva Africa

Kuva Africa is a nonprofit and non-governmental organization which is dedicated to creating a renewed breed of the African girl child, who will exhibit strong clarity of vision and purpose for their future and that of their community. The program is designed for girls aged 10-11 and delivered through after-school clubs, summer camps, one-day camps, and on-site workshops.                                                       

Lessons were project-based, where girls learn to code, engage in confidence-building and leadership activities, receive guidance in career pathways, receive one-on-one mentorship from inspirational women, and build longstanding relationships between adult role models and young Kuva girls, among other activities.



After this summer camp that ended on July 25th, Kuva Africa graduated their first batch of Kuva girls in Cameroon. The girls have been empowered and nurtured on how to thrive in their day to day lives, discover their inner strengths and how to work on their weaknesses, become innovative, become problems solvers and not just instruction receivers/givers in a challenging society thus shattering glass ceilings as they sail through life’s journey.

Gwendoline Abunaw, MD, Ecobank Cameroon was the keynote speaker of the maiden graduation ceremony of Kuva Africa and her speech was centred around the ability of the girl child to achieve beyond boundaries. She applauded the girls for signing up to the Kuva Africa program and encourage them to take control of their future while building top leadership skills to rule the next generation. As an exceptional leader and a motivational speaker, Mrs Abunaw's contribution to the success of this graduation ceremony was truly timely. It was a great moment of self-realisation for some and a moment for realignment for others.

The name KUVA, carries a lot of meaning. Kuva means “The state of existing or being; the existence of body and soul in union. It originates from the Shona language, one of the most widely spoken of the Bantu languages.

Kindly check www.kuvaafrica.org and also follow Kuva Africa social media pages for more information on more exciting and life-changing programs set for September


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