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Scandal! Miss World- Cameroon Cheated Of Her Dream By Lost Dress

SCANDAL! Miss World Cameroon CHEATED off the Miss World competition because of the disappearance of her yellow dress

It was very shocking when we received news of the disappearance of Miss Cameroon Valerie Ayene's dress just one day before the final Miss World competition. Did she panic? yes of course. The competition organisers rejected Valerie because she raised an issue about her lost luggage. Valerie had been an excellent contestant at the event and had accrued more than 50% of the required points to qualify for the top 20 finalists of the competition.  According to Indonesian TV channel RCTI and other channels, the more points a contestant had, the more chance she had. So why was her chance destroyed?

What really happened behind the scenes?

According to most contestants, the competition is messed up! When you put together a group of women in a secured hotel, you need to have enough security in place to protect them. When many contestants started reporting the disappearance of their personal property, there needs to be a system in place to help them feel secure and more to the matter, to help them find it. Our sources confirmed that the following contestants lost their clothes and other things during the competition - Miss Gibraltar, Miss Mexico, Miss Cote D'Ivoire, Miss Cameroon and three More Misses who do not want to their identity revealed.

The Missing Dress

The dress in question had been approved by the Miss World organisers and was described by Valerie's personal designer as one of it's kind. Ms Erma Olierhoek described the dress as "a pale yellow dress made from premium silk material and embedded with payet & Swarovski Crystals, with a waistband to flatter Valerie's silhouette.

Ms Erma was the official stylist and designed most of the dresses worn by Valerie during the competition. Apart from styling Valerie, Erma has groomed and mentored Valerie in preparation for the competition. Erma Olierhoek, CEO of Belcros Indonesia Collection based in Douala, is know for her high quality designs and an ability to incorporate different traditional fabric into modern outfits. She was the only person to represent Cameroon in Bali and gave Miss Cameroon huge support throughout her journey. Valerie often refers to her as " my Indonesian mummy"

So what happened to the dress?

We know Ms Erma fought very hard to regain possession of the dress following it's disappearance. Her attempts to get the footage of the CCTV cameras in the hotel was rejected. Rumour has it that the blue dress Valerie wore on the night was borrowed from other contestant. We have a very good source and can testify that the dress was brought to Bali one day before the grand final by Valerie's stylist Ms Erma. She had just flown in from a fashion show in Zurich and had a few dresses which she had offered to Valerie when Valerie told her her speicially designed yellow dress included. However we might never know what happened to the dress. According to the Miss World organiser, Valerie did not have a Yellow Dress! Outrageous!!!!  When asked persistently for the CCTV Camera, Ms Erma was branded a nuisance and Miss Cameroon dropped from the list. In An email addressed to Miss Cameroon organisers, team Miss World organisers stated that Miss Cameroon has been very good through out the competition and they were ready to welcome her as Miss, unfortunately, this is not the case anymore because of  her representative. Our question to the organisers of Miss world is a bucket full, but the answer we need is

-What has asking for a cctv footage got to do with Miss Cameroon?

-Is it wrong to ask for a cctv footage from an established hotel as the Westin Hotel?

-Was involving the police such a bad thing ? theft is theft, and should be treated a such.

Miss Cameroon vs Miss Ghana
Our reliable source told us that Valerie's name was amongst the top 10 finalists but Miss Ghana was given Miss Cameroon's place because Miss Cameroon's stylist repeatedly asked for the CCTV footage in an attempt to investigate the lost dress. This apparently annoyed the Miss World organisers at which point they cruelly struck Valerie's name off the list, replacing  her with Miss Ghana after looking at points gained during the competition. Miss Ghana had not even come close to winning, so imagine how shocked she was when called on stage.

We are still investigating other aspects of the competition but once our investigation is done we'll publish lists and other proof to show that Miss Cameroon was victimised. For now we can only hope that in the future these security issues will be properly considered so as not to affect what is otherwise a wonderful and inspirational competition.

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