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A Teacher's Notes: Helping Parents Prepare Their Children at Home for Success in School."

According to TWC’s “Connect a Million Minds Campaign” The United States of America is ranked 29th in Science and 35th in Math, globally. How is this possible? Do the other countries possess more educational resources and tools with which they teach their students? I don’t believe so. I believe that America has the most sophisticated learning tools in the world. Well-staffed libraries in every school, online learning programs and software, print-rich classroom environments, generous donors who supply a myriad of books and other learning resources, competent teachers who have mastered the standards and employ teaching techniques that cater to each student’s learning style: visual, kinesthetic or auditory, to name a few. So, why is America so far behind?

Based on her experience and observations as a classroom teacher, Nicoline writes about the fundamental importance of preparing children at home – emotionally, mentally and physically – to learn and be successful at school. To this end, her book offers strategies that parents can use at home to prepare their children to do better in school. When children come to school having had a good night’s rest or having been taught by their parents to value their education and encouraged to stay focused in class, the result is a child who takes advantage of all the tools available for learning.  Most importantly, inculcating a champion mentality in children provides the foundation for a winning attitude in school! Nicoline discusses a whole range of ideas and suggestions available to parents.

A copy of Nicoline’s book is available at www.nicolineambe.com.

Nicoline is available for speaking appearances.

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