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Addis Ababa Starts the First Light-Rail in Saharan Africa

While a light-rail system in Lagos is still under construction, Addis Abba launched its first light-rail earlier this month. The 35km light-rail was mostly funded by China according to BBC's report and has become sub-Saharan Africa’s first light-rail system.

The system is expected to carry about 15,000 people per hour to one direction and will operate 6 hours a day. After three years of waiting, citizens could not help but queue up to make use of the system on its first day. Transport Minister Workneh Gebeyehu said the country was ‘very proud’ to have the first light rail network in sub-Saharan Africa. 

He described it as ‘a sign of modernity and assure everyone that rail will not be for commercial purpose but for everyone as ticket prices will be very cheap in order to serve those with low income.
While we wait for the Lagos project to be completed, the Addis Ababa light-rail is expected to expand next month to 39 stations across the city.

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