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Adeline Sede Kamga, serial entrepreneur, shares on how to create business connections.

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Adeline Sede K since starting off as an entrepreneur in Africa has worked with some of the biggest multinationals and brands who are in business in Africa. In the aviation industry, she has worked with Africa’s aviation giant Ethiopian airlines. In banking, she is working with Ecobank which is a Pan African bank that is among the leading African banks and is represented in 35 African countries. As far as the insurance sector is concerned, she is working with the former Beneficial Life Insurance which is now Prudential Beneficial since early July 2019. The Fintech industry has seen her do amazing work with OVAMBA Cameroon Solutions SARL which is a company that provides short-term trade and inventory expansion solutions for small and medium sized industries in Africa. In the hotels and restaurant management sector she has worked with Pullman Douala Rabingha, which is part of the international Pullman hotels which are found all over the world. In the petroleum sector, Adeline Sede K is working with TRADEX SA, a company that specializes in the marketing of petroleum products, car lubricants, gas and other products. In the automotive industry, she has worked Korean car giant KIA MOTORS.

Added to this, she has a big heart for women’s development in the corporate world. She founded and runs The Corporate Women and Leadership Program which helps women in developing their careers, taking into consideration factors specific to them like being mothers and managing work and business at the same time. There is also the mentor-mentee program where young women are given the opportunity for training and exposure to professional experience in various fields so as to better find their spot in the corporate world. This event has taken place in Douala, Abidjan and Libreville, and the fourth edition is in the pipeline.

This seasoned CEO and serial entrepreneur has shared on how to establish business relationships and creating “personal connections”, which are both very crucial and important for both entrepreneurs who are just starting out and those that have built business and are seeking growth and expansion. She is sharing from a very rich experience on the field, which has been tested, which works, and which you can trust.

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