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Maureen Lermer: This is how we celebrate Christmas in Africa

Minimalism makes it perfect. We cook, we eat and everyone is happy. Maureen has brought back the memories of  minimalistic Christmas to our kitchen this year. Insofar as Africans love to have a big Christmas, they also know how to get the best from simple recipes. Maureen has developed a style over the years, which is very peculiar and exciting. Her playful style of putting the little thing things together to make a mouth watering meal is what drew our team to her in the first instance. Her Food décor is always neat and clean. No spots spotted! She has inspired many men and women on how to add colours to their food and has inspired others to understand more about Gluten free diet.

Maureen is an active lady full of energy, passion and a box of creativity. She puts others first and brings love where love is almost despair of . Give Maureen "Good Enough", she'll turn it into Great! Find out something else about Maureen here: http://maureenlermer.wordpress.com/ 

-The vegeble with chrimps n boiled plantains plus fried plantains aside


Spinach.. and boiled plantains GLUTEN-FREE 
You know, all the additional stuff we do not need in our system

750gm Spinach
1/2 caryfish 
Salt and black pepper to taste
4tsp veg oil (any of your choice) i used sunflower oil
1 onions 
750gm large shrimps
2 gloves of garlic
tsp ginger 
Wash the Shrimps. Bring to cook tenderly for about 5-8mins. Add to it salt and papper. 
For the spinich wash clean towel dry (kitchen towel) them.
Steam together with a pinch of salt, pepper, garlic, ginger, and crayfish for about 10mins.
When done.. Server as shown on the picture. 
Can be eatten with Boiled plantains, or ripe fried plantains. 
For those who likee real pepper go ahead add it....!!

-we have fruit salad tropical... With mango, pawpaw, orange,grapes, kiwi, watermelon..
-Coconut Rice with veg n cubes of Turkey in it..

-Chinchin  (Cookie) our African snack, made with flour, butter, sugar,

ENJOY.. !!! 

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