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Victoria Grace and Morin. O To Showcase at Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016


Victoria Grace is an elegant fashion brand. The brand aims to dress women who love elegance, timeless style and luxury.

Victoria Grace blends either the East or the West with Africa. All Victoria Grace pieces speak elegance. The label closes the taste gap between cultures by creating a unique style; it is the ultimate taste of European-African joie de vivre. Victoria Grace is an inimitable state of the art fashion label. Most pieces are limited and bespoke with an aesthetic towards couture-creation.

Morin. O, is a contemporary global leather and accessories brand inspired by artistic innovation and ethnic designs that represents originality, quality and craftsmanship. Founded by savvy contemporary African art collector and veteran Entrepreneur, Morin Obaweya,

 The Morin.O philosophy aims at showcasing timeless style, and originality created with utmost precision with positive values that shine through every aspect of their work. The use of natural materials to produce the best quality leather products aid Morin.O’s aspiration towards creating outstanding value-priced handbags.

The brand’s tag line…”You. Leather. Artistry” reflects a genuine interest towards life that celebrates style in an effort to make its customers feel and look good.
The artisans in our workshop, are a mix from different parts of Africa and every product we make is driven by the latent African creativity and our passion for the medium and use of leather, precious stones, prints and accessories.

With headquarters in Nigeria, Morin.O, has a presence in Europe, and America, and our products are sold at exhibitions and high-end stores in Nigeria, Europe and America and via the company’s website. The company shares its values and brand essence with lovely and inspiring collections for Women and Men.
Above all, Morin.O, speaks timelessness in leather artistry aimed to accentuate you


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