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10 Most Powerful Men In Africa 2014 – Forbes

There is an emergency need to create role models and change makers in Africa. This is to help the younger generation to find mentors and coaches who can help them to develop in businesses and careers. Forbes  Africa recently released a power list to identify African men changing  the face of Africa through handwork and community engagements.  Forbes justifies that, “Our list is distinctive in that it identifies African men who are innovative, courageous, daring and often disruptive in their fields. The list highlights African entrepreneurs, corporate executives, social entrepreneurs, political and civil leaders who are changing the continent and the world around them, often times without much fanfare,” How do you select those who are making change? Forbes has a long history of publishing authentic people doing great things. Usually, there is a call for submission, where everyone is called to nominate those they think are making a difference, Forbes then carry out an extensive research and decides the winners.

FabAfriq is extremely pleased with the result of the lat list. We'd like to congratulate everyone who made it to the top, especially the Founder and Executive Director of Africa 2.0 Mamadou Kwidjim Toure from Cameroon.  Africa 2.0 is an advocacy group of young and emerging leaders from across the continent and the diaspora who have a collective vision for Africa.  The vision of the pan-African organization is finding sustainable solutions to the most pressing economic and social issues Africans face today.

About Mamadou Toure
As the Managing Director with GE Africa, Toure leads a regional Capital market team across Sub-Saharan Africa and is also responsible for developing market and competitors’ analysis across the region. Toure received a distinction as “New Leader for Tomorrow” by the Crans Montana Forum in 2011 and has ever since then been recgonised on different platform for his amazing achievements.
After completing high school at Lycee Louis Le Grand in Paris, he graduated from Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (EDHEC Business School, in France) with a Master of Science in Management. In 2010, he completed the Executive Training Program at Harvard Kennedy School of Government on Public and private partnership. Mamadou loves Art, Philosophy, Music and History books.

Other people making a difference are,

1.      January Makamba, Tanzania, Deputy Minister of Communication, Science & Technology and Member of Parliament

2.      Chinedu Echeruo, Nigeria, Tech Entrepreneur & Founder of Hopstop.com
and Tripology.com

3.      Mohammed Dewji, Tanzania, Group Chief Executive Officer of Mohammed
Enterprises Tanzania Limited

4.      Kola Karim, Nigeria, Group Managing Director and Chief Executive
Officer of Shoreline Energy International

5.      Ashish Thakkar, Uganda, Founder and Managing  Director of Mara Group, Mara Foundation and Mara Online

6.      Mamadou Toure, Cameroon, Founder and Executive Director of Africa

7.      Amadou Mahtar Ba, Senegal, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the African Media Initiative

8.      Simdul Shagaya, Nigeria – Tech Entrepreneur and Founder of Konga.com and DealDey.com

9.      Ben Magara, Zimbabwe,  Chief Executive Officer and Director of Lonmin

10.     Komla Dumor, Ghana, Lead Presenter on “Focus On Africa” and BBC World News’ European mor

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