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AFRICA ROCKS: The Best Looks from AFROPUNK 2015

In 2005, the first annual AFROPUNK Festival took place at Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM). Co-curated by Morgan and Spooner, the festival celebrated and unified the cultural cornerstones of AFROPUNK: music, film, skate. n 2008, the AFROPUNK Festival was organized by Morgan and partner Jocelyn Cooper. The term AFROPUNK is considered to be synonymous with open-minded, non-conforming and unconventional. The festival took place on Saturday 22nd, and Sunday 23rd August 2015 in Commodore Barry Park Brooklyn N.Y. In 2015, the first ever AFROPUNK Festival out of the United States took place in Paris. AFROPUNK is planning to bring the festival to other cities in the U.S. and internationally.

Hardcore bands and some mainstream artists performed to the diverse and fashionable crowd. There were a multitude of style innovations as African prints blended and complimented punk rock elements. It was an amazing day that featured performances from Lauren Hill, and the legendary Grace Jones. We are pleased to present some of the best looks of the day!

This is Afropunk 2015!!!

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