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How Did Your Country Perform At London 2012 Olympic?

Sunday 12th was an amazing day for most Olympians and countries as it finalised the numbers of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals they won in total. It was also an exciting time for most people who witnessed the closing ceremony and all its glamour.  The end of the 2012 London Olympics brought back nostalgic feelings as we saw the Spice Girls on stage, the most famous British Models on the Catwalk (Stage),  performances by top British pop singers, Pet Shop Boys, One Direction among others. London2012.com reported over 80,000 fans and more than 300 million viewers around the world. (What a success)

How did your country perform at the Olympic? Despite so many controversial reports about our engagement in this year's game and so many scandals with headlines such as "AFRICA VILLAGE SHUT 'DUE TO DEBTS" and "Seven Cameroon athletes go missing", Africa succeeded in winning 31 medals across 8 countries with Kenya winning 11 in total.

Kenya is now bidding to host the 2024 Olympics and hopes to become the first African country to host the Olympic Games. Is this too much to ask for?

In the table below, check out the African countries that won Olympic medals this year including the type of medal won and the total number of medals won. Rendez-vous a Rio in 2016 and congratulations to everyone who took part in London 2012!

 28  KENYA  4  5 11 
25   ETHIOPIA  3  1 3
 24  SOUTH AFRICA  3  2 1
 58  EGYPT  0  2
50   ALGERIA  1
 50 UGANDA   1 0 0 1
69   BOTSWANA  0 1
 69 GABON   0 1

Check out some highlights!

 Kenya's David Rudisha-New World Record in Men 800m
 Kenya's Rock Kemboi, celebrates an easy gold!
 South Africa's Rowers also got an easy gold!
 Ethiopia's super women
 Botswana's 17 year old Nijil Amos, gave the country its first ever medal at London 2012

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