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The event was attended by over 110 people. The Lord Mayor of Birmingham's Deputy, Councillor Michael Wilkes and Mrs Wilkes made it to the event to encourage and support the African community. Councillor, Michael Wilkes was in office 2009 to 2010 and now stands in as Deputy serving the Birmingham Community and promoting progress.
Doors were opened at 2.00pm with business exhibitors laying tables. Councillor and Mrs Wilkes arrived at 4.00pm. At 4.30pm they had tea with organisers before a walk around the venue where they met exhibitors. The African Expo convenor, Mr T Magodi, introduced them to local African business persons.

The EXPO was attended by guests and exhibitors came from London, Leeds, Manchester, Coventry, Wolverhampton, Liverpoool and Cambridge, among other places. This was a great success and we expect more people from different areas in our subsequent EXPOs.  

At 6.00pm Councillor Wilkes was served African food and afterwards mingled with local people and had pictures taken with attendees. He then danced to dance some African music, especially the music of the late legendary South African reggae artiste, Lucky Dube. It was a fun day out for him, a day to share and experience a unique African experience and a day he will remember for a long time. He then addressed the African Expo at 7.30pm and left just after 8.00pm.

This was a successful event and we wish to thank all local people and businesses who supported us. It was encouraging to find out that the event was not only attended by Africans, but non-Africans as well. This is in line with our aim of encouraging community cohesion and is our baby step in the creation of the Big Society envisaged by Prime Minister David Cameron.

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