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This group of young people, South African, from diverse backgrounds and twenty in total, have come together to embark on a Cape Town to Cairo and back excursion. What makes this particular excursion stand out is that fact that they are doing so in their very own self-assembled Sling-4 aircraft. This aircraft uses motor fuel…and was built in an incredible three weeks!


The roadmap

This excursion is planned to start in June 2019 and will see this group of teenagers in several teams pilot a course that will take them through several African cities in countries including Namibia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea to Egypt and a return trip that will include Uganda, Rwanda and Zambia, all the while spreading the messages of an African narrative that started as a dream.

The main actors

The main persons behind the project, teen pilot, author and motivational speaker Megan Werner, and Agnes Semeelam, founded the U Dream Global Foundation with primary objective to uplift, equip, empower, inspire, and transform the lives of thousands of youths across Africa, by dreaming, and then accomplishing the impossible- even succeeding well beyond expectations.

Following final inspections and flight certifications, Megan and various teen co-pilots are now set to fly the light aircraft from Cape Town to Cairo and back from June 2019.

Megan says- “The Challenge has an enabled us to take a lot of teenagers from different backgrounds to teach and equip them with life skills that they can take with them into the future”. “Throughout Africa, we are hoping to do similar impacting thousands of lives of the youth that are the future of the continent.”

Assistance and Support for the Project

This team is benefitting from much voluntary support as far as logistics is concerned from companies like CFS, ExecuJet, Worldfuel and Mike Blyth- founder of The Airplane Factory – the enterprise that designed and built the original Sling plane series. This particular prototype, the Sling-4, was chosen because it has been flown twice around the world. They also have support for what they will need as far as fuel, accommodation, crew support, commercial flights, branding and documentation, are concerned.

Important to Note

This is an epic adventure, an aviation challenge, and youth inspiration, to support innovation, technology and entrepreneurship on the continent. All eyes are on this project in anticipation of what these teenage African pilots will accomplish on this virgin excursion. Thumbs up Africa!


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