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African Inspired Supper Wedding

I have always been a firm believer of simple but classic weddings, reasons why I decided to host my wedding at the amazing Elongo gardens. I always knew that when I got married, I will have a handful of guests and it would be inspired my my love for African culture. Godsway and I met in church, the international central gospel church ¨ICGC, Ghana and I was instantly attracted to him. Apart from the fact that is so cute, his mannerism, and calm nature could also be the reason for this. He is also very focus and knows how to deal with pressure. Me on the other hand, I am totally the contrary, thus opposite attracts. 

I knew God would reserve the best husband for me, Godsway is God fearing, which rapidly developed my trust in him. It also made us to share a special bond and friendship which I think would be beneficial to our marital relationship. 

The Proposal, 

I did not see this coming! We usually take an evening stroll at a romantic garden near our residence. One evening, we set off as usual but something was different about our walk. He was unusually calm and I could not determine why. Suddenly, he turn around to face me, looked me in the eyes ans asked if I wanted to spend the rest of my amazing life with him. Without hesitating, I said Yes- We went back home a happier couple.

As soon as I said yes, my heart started racing, I needed to get everything in place for my wedding and I had to choose a team. I have always loved the work of Mrs Tonka Mireille Azombi, so it was not surprising when I commissioned her to plan my wedding. Apart from being a wedding planner, she is the CEO OF CREATION TMAAS, a clothing line that is purely African inspired. My theme inspiration was to do a state of the art yet fantastic wedding.

Since my hubby is Ghananian we felt we could use the Ghanaian traditional fabric, the kente to create a difference. The result was excellent and I guess after the wedding most women are now considering getting married to a Ghana (hahahahaha). What made my wedding special was the fact that I love to stand out in all I do and I believe  that Africans can use what they have to make something beautiful yet affordable.

My advise for brides to be is that Don't spend all your money on the wedding and forget that you have a marriage ahead of you, be circumspect in your planning, get a qualified wedding planner and don't let anyone pressure you into doing what you dont want, be firm, always remember after the wedding is over all that's left is you and your hubby.

The Venue- Elongo Gardens

I love mother nature and greenery so Elongo Gardens hotel fitted the ideal venue I had in mind.  They offer a very unique service, specifically to their client;s need. I loved their passion for excellence and I think the manager is a formidable lady. She wants everything to be done top notch and on point. We were even given a honey moon suite for free and we had room services at our disposal.

It is a pleasure to share this amazing experience with FabAfriq readers, I hope you enjoyed the story as much as I enjoyed writing it. God bless you all.

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