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Grace Jones Performance Held the Audience Spellbound

Afropunk is the term used to describe the participation of black people in the punk music culture. The numbers of blacks involved in the Afropunk scene is small in the U.S. Throughout the world they represent a much larger community. In parts of Africa, Afropunk is very popular. Some of the bands that have been part of the U.S. Afropunk community include: Suicidal Tendencies, Fishbone, and Dead Kennedys. Since it's inception in 2005, the Afropunk festival has grown into one of Brooklyn's most popular outdoor music festivals.



Afropunk 2015 happened over a two day period on the Saturday 23rd, and 2th in Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn N.Y.
The festival featured a mix of up and coming bands as well as big name headliners. Closing out the night, the audience was held spellbound by an amazing performance of the legendary Grace Jones. Grace was totally in command of audience and stage. "Slave to the Rhythm", "Pull up to the Bumper", and "Walking In The Rain" were among the classic hits she sang. In between songs she kept the audience amused with quips, musings, and her always sharp personality.

Age has dulled none of her shine or daring, at 67 she is still full of fire. In a homage to artist Keith Haring, Grace took the stage in a body paint reminiscent of the original body paint art that Keith Haring painted on her decades ago. She told the crowd how impressed she was when she found out the designs Haring used could be traced back to the Ibo people of Nigeria. Oh and she performed topless as well, but of course that's Grace

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