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Alenne Menget: Talks About Cameroon Cinema With US Embassy Yaounde

Alenne Menget has produced over 100 documentaries broadcast on national television (CRTV). 

Alenne has a great vision for Cameroonian culture. On the 29th of May, he led a meeting which gave to a new hope in the Cameroon movie industry "Association of Cameroon Movie Makers". ASCAMM seems to be what the Cameroon cinema needs as it blends all two cultures of Cameroon (French and English).

Last year, he visited Los Angeles, California to represent the Ministry of Arts and Culture and his Company ATS Productions at the Nollywood & African Film Critics' Awards (NAFCA) held in the city of Beverly Hills.

“I have been proud to film documentaries on many topics, including on the lives of Cameroonians living in the United States, on the theme of ‘being home away from home.’ These films have recorded urban and rural lives of Cameroonians who have either attained success through education and their professions, or who are still struggling to realize their dreams. My team’s goal has been to portray the daily efforts of our compatriots in America for the better understanding of Cameroonians here at home,” said Mr. Menget. He added his appreciation to the Ministry of Arts and Culture for sponsoring his visit to California and its support and vision of implementing ambulatory film screenings across the country to expand public awareness and appreciation for Cameroonian talent. “The potential for growth in the African and Cameroonian cinema sector is limitless, and there are already strong beginnings here in Cameroon. 


This region and country have a lot of talented filmmakers, directors, actors, and actresses who can further lift Africa’s profile on the international stage. I was honored to see that enthusiasm and appreciation for African films firsthand in Los Angeles at the NAFCA event,” he concluded.

Mr. Quiroz lauded Mr. Menget’s achievements, and noted that Cameroon’s growing film sector is enriched by his talents and that of other Cameroonians, such as filmmaker Anurin Nwunembom, who visited the U.S. Embassy on June 5 (see Facebook album of that visit: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/…). “As we said to Mr. Nwunembom, leaders like you make a difference in inspiring others to succeed through your example. You have attained extraordinary achievements, are offering strong contributions, are building international partnerships – including with other African filmmakers from Hollywood to Nollywood, Douala and Yaounde to South Africa - and exemplify a commitment to expand the talent of Cameroonian youth through film and by raising Cameroon’s profile at international levels,” said Quiroz.

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