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Anane was born in Cape Verde, the beautiful Islands off the coast of West Africa. Music has always been a part of her life since early childhood. Members of her family played guitars and percussion instruments. Her family moved to America, and she spent her early years in Rhode Island. After being introduced to House Music by a friend she developed a love for the genre. She later moved to New York, and spent some time modeling. Anane also embraced New York's thriving House Music scene. She met DJ/Producer Louie Vega, and the two eventually married. He brought her on board as part of the Elements of Life collective. Anane has performed as a part of Elements of Life in Holland, Japan, Cape Town South Africa, and Europe's Montreux Jazz Festival.

In 2007 world-famous entertainment empire Cirque De Soleil asked Anané to perform the opening song for the Super Bowl XLII pre-game show. Her performance of “One Dream” with Elements of Life was viewed by more than 140 million people worldwide. These days Anane Vega is a mogul in the making. In addition to becoming a DJ, Anane also started her own Music Label called NULU (Nothing Ultimately Leaves Us). The label has been instrumental in promoting the 'Afrotech" sound internationally. They have signed artists from South Africa, Angola, Haiti, and Nigeria.

In 2013 she was asked to be the official DJ of the Ambassadors’ Inaugural Ball, a black-tie tribute to U.S. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. She masterfully balances her many roles as wife, mother, music label owner, DJ, and fashion designer. In a response to interest from her fans, she launched an online boutique, Ananesworld, featuring her own designs. She is certified to teach Bikram Yoga. The latest venture she has taken on is that of hand bag designer.
When she visits her native Cape Verde, she often buys fabrics and jewelry that catches her eye.s. After using some of those fabrics to create a chic carry all bag for herself, she found that she received more than a few compliments on it. When more women started asking where they could buy one she had a eureka moment. After discussing the idea with her mother, who agreed to help Anane create the couture hand sewn bags they went into full production mode. She now has a line of hand sewn bags that feature a variety of fabric patterns she finds on visits to Cape Verde. She plans to make the bags available to the public through specialty boutiques and her online website. We wish her all the best with this new and very stylish endeavor.

Watch her life performance at the Superbowl Pre-Game Show.

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