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Meet Angela Plummer: Multi-Awards Winning Hair Artist!

FabAfriq magazine is pleased to interview Internationally Renowned Hair Artist Angela Plummer. Angela grew up in North London and started braiding hair at the tender age of ten.  At the time braiding was only a hobby, she never thought that this would be her career. The passion she puts into her work can be seen in each strand she braids and her creativity has no boundary. Angela can change a single look to exciting different looks, to give you the touch you require. Not content with a regular head to style Angela pushes the art of braiding way beyond familiar boundaries into the realms of intricate patterns, conceptual headpieces or even whole outfits! Her creativity is expressed throughout her work which she describes as Artistic, Avant Garde and Bespoke. Over the years, she has developed a very distinctive style of braiding and she specialises in Natural Hair Care, Braiding-Training-Education-Seminar, Sessions Hair Styling, Angela’s style has been featured in Editorial, Theatre, Film and Television. 
FabAfriq asked why her work is unique and this is what she says; 

FabAfriq: It is a pleasure to meet the artist in person, please tell us what made you to divert to artistic braiding?
Angela:  I have always said that “braiding was a hobby” and never have opened up until now, As a young child I wanted to be a fashion designer, everyday after school I would come home and jump straight onto the sewing machine, or start knitting, I had big plans for the fashion industry, wanting to showcase my collections at Fashion week and beyond, my plans soon changed when my mum became ill, so from the age of ten I became my mums and sister hair stylist. Thankfully my Mum has fully recovered, however it was through this difficult time I discovered my true path in life.

FabAfriq: Reading from your biography, I can tell you are well sought after. How did you gain such exposure?
Angela: Apon leaving my job of 9 years to become a hair stylist, I had to find a way to slot myself into the industry, as there were so many hair salons around already, I figured out the best thing for me to do in order to make it and survive, was to style men’s hair exclusively, little did I know that decision would launched my career straight to the top, One month after starting in the industry, I was styling the hair of a few well know male celebrities

FabAfriq: How long did it take people to believe in what you do?
Angela: Some people have been more receptive than others it’s been a great journey but, not are a smooth ride

FabAfriq: Who are the people you work most often with?
Angela: I like to mix it up as creative’s have different visions regarding their creativity, which is great to see and always rewarding when we can blend out talents together 

FabAfriq: Many Africans are going Natural (Hair) Do you think this will affect your career?
Angela: No, not at all, as I started my career as a Natural Hair Stylist which I still do to this day, if anything my career has blossomed, but I never take anything for granted.

FabAfriq: You have been awarded with different recognition, How does it feel to be a multi award winning hairstylist and what values have they added to your life?
Angela: For some reason this question has always been difficult for me to answer, I never really looked at myself as a multi award winning hair stylist, I’m just doing what I love. The values that have been added to my life have always been there, my family and close circle of friends that have been by my side from the beginning, who I love dearly 

FabAfriq: Was the road rocky?
Angela: Yes, yes, yes it was, not in terms of my career but the negativity that I faced from other industry professionals. 

FabAfriq: What are the procedures to book you for a seminar or training and how many days do you need to complete the sessions?
Angela: Bookings are normally 2-4 months in advance depending on what type of seminar /  training is required….  sessions can lasted from two days to one week, again depending on what type of training is required

FabAfriq: Thanks a lot for agreeing to talk to FabAfriq magazine. You have made a many innovative changes to the society and we will like to use this opportunity to say Thank you. We understand it might be a rocky road, but with public figures like you, we know the road is never too rocky. Thanks again and good luck
Angela: Thank you FabAfriq for having me; I am blessed to have so many amazing people in my life to help overcome the rocky roads and to love what I do. 
My advice to anyone that has a dream / passion would be to follow your heart and never let anyone tell you; you cannot achieve or reach your goals, as this industry can be a beautiful place. 

                          Just doing me, keep doing you Angela Plummer xx
Photo Credits
Hair Adornment: 
Angela Plummer
Arron Dunworth
Make up artist: 
Lauren Baker
Janita Francis
Photo credits of cover picture
Abi Oshodi
Make up artist
Valerie Saint-Amand

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