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The Annual Ankara Fest is an event organised by Fabliss World Entertainment Inc. to illustrate and expose the African fashion industry to the global market. This event will incorporate live entertainment, comedy acts, stage performances, a beauty pageant show, a fashion competition and a gala reception. This event is geared towards enticing a broad target market, with a spectrum that consists of families, entrepreneurs and other business professionals.

This event would be at the prestigious REMESIS BANQUET HALL on  Saturday 9th July 2011  at 6:00PM



FABLISS WORLD ENTERTAINMENT INC is proud to bring to you many exciting shows this evening, including comedy Act, runway show, after party, red carpet interview, dance competition, music gigs, and many more. Our event will be covered live by TV crews and the best DJ in Canada will make your trip and after party worthwhile.

We are also very pleased to say a Price package for the best Ankara styled has been selected and all you need to do is to turn up and grab it.  There will be top designers and top models.

Other benefits includes Live video coverage, ElONN magazine feature, cover story on www.fabafriq.com magazine  and celebrity moment.



EMAIL: canada.ankarafest@gmail.com


For Sponsorship, Advertising, Press inquiries and any other inquiries please contact us - canada.ankarafest@gmail.com

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