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Artist, T.Wiliam

Sometimes our courage to pursue the arts gives others the courage to do the same, even if only in small ways.

ART CHRONICLES is an innovative project that aims at celebrating talents in the area of painting (fine arts) in Cameroon, by creating opportunities for promising young and emerging artists, by providing a platform for their exposure. It will allow young and emerging artists to showcase their talents next to more seasoned artists and learn the ropes of participating in events without any unneeded stress.

Artist, Viking

ART CHRONICLES was initiated and founded by Ralph J. CHE who saw the importance of providing a platform of Exposure for talented young Cameroonians in the area of Fine Art and Photography. The second step was to identify a team of creative, passionate and forward-looking individuals to work with. This worked out perfectly well and each invited team-member totally embraced the idea from the moment it was shared with them. It is an ideal team for an ideal project, and the core members are professionals in different fields of walk. Some of the key members are;

-Ralph J. CHE (Fine artist and Film maker)
-Syl ANIM     (Designer and Actress)
-Bernard MANYO B. ( Journalist and sports Consultant)
-ANU Goretti    (Publicist, Film maker and Writer)
-TANG Emmanuel (Fine artist)
-Shiri ACHU (Fine artist and Architect)
-Chifor Valery (TV presenter and Photographer)
We have worked together in an open and flexible manner with regards to ideas, material and financial contributions and we have always
aimed at the same goal for the last 11 months.
The project has gone according to plan and we are looking foreward to an exciting first event with some of the biggest names in painting
in Cameroon with the likes of Jean EMATI, Max SAKO LYONGA, Viking KAGANYAM, William TAGNE and more...
We are lucky to be working with Pecten Cameroon as the official sponsor of this first event. We have also benefited great support from the 
British Language Institude in Douala, Spectrum Television (STV) and Carre' Des Artistes.
The first event taking place at Carre' Des Artistes in Bonapriso Douala will include a competition open to anyone age 18 - 29 with a first price of 200,000fcfa plus quality art materials.
There will be an exhibition for professionals painters from Cameroon, the UK, Nigeria and Ethiopia.
And finally there will also be an interactive workshop in which professionals will share their knowledge and experience with amateurs.
It is our hope to build our nation by running this event annually (artist EMATI)

Our aim is to expose young talents, giving them the opportunity to meet and share ideas with professional artists and to take their art beyond borders by networking them with institutions in and out of Cameroon.
The event will provide a space for art lovers and artists to meet and connect without any pressure to buy or sell.

The first edition of ARTS CHRONICLES will take place from the 24Th of November to the 3rd of December 2011 in Douala, Cameroon, and will have three parts;
1)   A competition
The competition is for young and emerging talents and will give out cash and material prices to the best three candidates in painting.
2) An Exhibition
The exhibition is for professionals and will bring together artists from within and out of Cameroon.
3) A Workshop
Some professional Painters will be sharing their ideas and experiences with our aspiring young artists in an interactive workshop.
It has been said that what we place into the lives of others comes back into our own. This community art event will go a long way to help young Cameroonian artists use their art in changing lives.

Together, we can make a difference (Artist Max)

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