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BettaHealth Cameroon Announces a Promotional Health Campaign

BettaHealth Cameroon is pleased to announce the launch of a healthcare promotional campaign which commences from the 18th till the 28th of November 2020 at BettaHealth Center, Immeuble Centre Médical BB Diagnostic near the Brigade Ngousso, Omnisport Yaoundé-Cameroon.

BettaHealth Cameroon offers quality health care services with the unique goal of improving quality of life, reducing hospitalisation and Chronification of Illnesses. It also helps to save costs through affordable ambulatory, community and home care servicesfor the elderly and those living with chronic illnesses. With this in mind, BettaHealth Cameroon launches The promotional Health Campaign to keep the population safe and healthy.

With a team of professional and caring nurses, BettaHealth Cameroon will be offering Free Screening to all,Screening and control of pregnant women,Family planning,Diabetes, Obesity,Sight and eyes test,Urine test,Wound treatment,Prostate control and Echography. Conditions such as; Syphilis, Hepatitis B&C, Chlamydia and PSA are also subject to a promotional rate.

At our BettaHealth Medical Centre, you can consult to Doctors of the following Specialties: General Medicine, Gynaecology and Pediatrics.

With BettaCare, our Homecare Service you make a gift for a better life for your loved ones at home.

Betta-Healthcare is here for you!


About BettaHealth Cameroon

BettaHealth Cameroon is a Clinic that offers innovative access to healthcare in the Ambulatory sector, Homecare and Telemedicine. Our objectives are to improve quality of life, reduce hospitalisations, reduce time and save costs.We provide qualified and well-trained nurses to offer health care services in the comfort of the homes of our patients. Transforming healthcare delivery is a huge endeavour no one can do alone. This is why we partner with stakeholders across all industries to help shape change. With our extensive experience in healthcare, we have gained deep expertise in handling patient/clinical information and implementing clinically relevant systems and solutions in a complex environments. This significantly contributes to the necessary evolutions of frameworks that enable sustainable healthcare.

Besides managing and Coordination your Treatment, we provide you direct Access to a variety of Specialist Doctors at the Center in Yaounde (General Medicine, Pediatrics, Gynaecology) as well as other Specialists inland and abroad through Telemedicine.


Contact: +237 651 42 41 04 for more information!

Facebook: BettaHealth237 Cameroon

E-mail: info@bettahealth.org

Website: www.bettahealth.org

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