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Is blogging a new concept? No! FabAfriq Magazine is revolutionalising the concept of blogging by connecting active bloggers, vloggers, and online writers, to potential business partners.  Saturday, 15th November witnessed the second meet up of bloggers, at Hotel Le Méridien.  This was a great opportunity for bloggers to develop and share ideas on how to promote their blogs, find out what new tools are available to help them blog better and share innovative ideas. Fact, some bloggers are more experienced than others, reason why, it is important to have a mélange of those who could share, support, direct and help others.

The last Cmrbloggershangout was sponsored by Vivindi Consulting Sarl and bloggers had the opportunity to discuss activities carried out by the firm. Among some of the exciting things they do are:
-    A Business Magazine. In this magazine, they promote businesses, publish business advice, tackle business dilemmas, interview business personalities and un peu de tout. Their magazines are distributed across hundreds of outlets, such as banks, airlines companies, corporate institutions, schools, etc.
-    Business Forums. In such forums, they offer an opportunity for businesses to network, exchange business ideas, create partnership, and listen to key note speakers with expertise in various business sectors.
-    Personnel Training.  They offer businesses opportunity to train their staff by experienced trainers. Example of some of the training they offer are in areas such as, finance, customer services, media and publication, management, just to name a few…
-    Online Marketing. They offer a dynamic website where companies can promote their businesses and services; they also have a facebook page which is a platform for the promotion of services and businesses.

At the end of the event, bloggers had a session to ask questions on the various problems and difficulties they encountered during their activities. They were very happy and satisfied as they had adequate answers for their preoccupations. Bloggers were impressed as Miss Cameroon made her entrance at the event before leaving for the UK. They ceased this opportunity to interact with her, getting advice and encouragements from Miss Cameroon and doing the same at her attention.  The next step for Vivindi Consulting Sarl in the promotion of businesses and services lies in the forthcoming business forum on the theme “EBOLA, Quel Impact sur le Tissu Economique" the 3rd December 2014. Let’s get set for the coming event!

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