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Meet The Social Media Manawas @ A Business Opportunity for Top Brands

It started as an idea, an opportunity and a necessity for a fusion between Cameroon bloggers at home and those in the diaspora. They wanted to connect in real life and exchange ideas. However, the event they decided to put together is more than just a meet and greet event. It is a networking event that has attracted many businesses as they know this is an opportunity to brand their products and be visible to the thousands of followers following these bloggers. 

Social media is the new way to push businesses to the right clients. 

The Bold & Beautiful Camer Ladies (BBCL) group was established with the intention of bringing together young and dynamic Cameroonian ladies who are very active worldwide in promoting their business activities, mainly on social media. The group currently has over 400 members located around the world with a potential reach of over 600,000. BBCL is a diverse group of young Professionals who are experienced in:
*Banking, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Telecommunications, International Relations, Publishing, Marketing & Public Relations, Project Management, Information Technology
*Entrepreneurs in Fashion Design, Interior Decoration, Hair & Beauty, Business Consulting, Marketing & Public Relations, IT Consulting, Event Planning, and Project Management
*Bloggers in Fashion & Lifestyle, Hair & Beauty, Entertainment, Business, Technology, with focus on Cameroon, Africa & Worldwide

FabAfriq is pleased to be amongst the founding members of this amazing event and would like to invite all it fans to join us as we unveil what 2015 has in store for us. Here below, is a little bit of information about the heads behind this event and where they blog (In the right order)

Chantal Edie is a photographer and the Owner of Chantal Edie Photography

Anrette Ngafor is a Fashion Designer and Creator of the Liiber London, a Fashion clothing line

Delly Vibang is the genius behind multiple websites like Ferdelle.com and several others

Hilda Awambeng is a Fashion blogger, Stylist and Creator of Mammypi, a Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

Adeline Sede is the Publisher/Founder of FabAfriq Magazine, a Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine

Antonia Mundi is the Publisher/Founder of Maischna Magazine,  a Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine

Reneta Ndisang is a Fashion Designer and Creator of  Mareta West, a Fashion clothing line

Yefon Mainsah is a Blogger and the Creator of IRepCamer, a Lifestyle & Entertainment Blog

Mbole Ekaney is a Fashion Blogger and the Creator of The Hotjem, a Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

First meet up is happening on the 30th of December 2014, what a great way to end the year. This is to give us something good to look forward to. The event aims to foster networking between young professionals, entrepreneurs, bloggers, media and entertainment personalities and cooperate sponsors. The BBCL Meet-Up is an opportunity to meet, exchange ideas, educate and to create awareness about the different activities, perspectives and importance of blogging and Cameroonian women on social media. This is primarily to participate in a community promotion, display strong support, share a collective vision among members and partners and economic actors for the development of Cameroonian women bloggers and enhance the image and culture of the country. Sponsors & vendors will showcase and/or sell their products & services in a mini exhibition and have them reviewed by bloggers.

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