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Brandy and Monica- It All Belongs To Me

14 years ago, The Boy Is Mine was the best-selling single  in America, according to Nielsen Soundscan. The song won numerous Awards including a Grammy. Monica and Brandy are back again on the scene with an intention of creating more excitement and hypes.
Today, the duo released the video for their joint single, "It All Belongs to Me, produced by singer Rico Love. Rico Love thinks Brandy and Monica have explosive vocals and and speaking about the recording process, Love said: "The energy was so positive. It was electric." I really wanted to try my best to pull the most explosive vocals out of them. I wanted to create a story that picked up where The Boy Is Mine left off, showing their growth and their maturity." I wonder if anything by both is ever going to beat "The Boy is Mine" 

When asked why they chose to record a song so different from "The Boy Is Mine," Brandy said, "We can't do what we did before. We can't sing about a boy being mine or hers." Monica chimed in, "It's a girl power record. [It's] where the female owns it all... It's kind of funny, but it also speaks volumes to independent women." 

The single will appear on Monica's upcoming album, New Life, and Brandy's sixth studio album, Two Eleven, named in honor of her mentor, Whitney.  

Watch the video and below is their first video. which one hits your spine?

The Boy Is Mine

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