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Brasseries du Cameroun: Patricia Berthelot's Return

This year, SABC "Société Anomyme des Brasseries du Cameroun" is celebrating 68 years. The breaking news to be added in this celebration is the return of Patricia Bertholot, former Marketing Director of Diageo Group. She left Brasseries in 2010 in quality of Marketing and Commercial Director, and is now coming back as Deputy CEO. A graduate of economics from the University Paris II Panthéon Assas, she is not going to face the challenges of a new comer as she knows some realities of the company and will only get to be acquainted with innovations and company's newness. 

Being asked how she feels about her return, Patricia Berthelot acknowledge the fact that seeing some of her former colleagues and discovering new faces is definitely going to be an experience full of emotions. So far as the professional aspect of her new position in the company is concerned, she is ready to collaborate with everyone to face challenges and is confident that together great achievements will be realized.
Patricia has future plans for Brasseries. She entails consolidating its current market leadership, implement policies to facilitate the growth, prosperity and development of the company at all levels. It will not be inappropriate to say Patricia Berthelot is daring and riding high as her motto is: “Sky is not the limit”.


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