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Hmmmm!!! Every morning this early brewed drink with a distinct aroma and flavor, prepared from roasted coffee beans perks you up! Yes, Coffee is the name. Coffee plants are cultivated in over 70 countries in the world grouped in four continents:  Latin America, Southeast Asia, India and Africa. Scientific research has been conducted to examine the relationship between coffee consumption and medical conditions. It was then discovered that moderate regular coffee drinking in healthy individuals is either benign or beneficial for people’s health. Focus will be laid on the effect of coffee on the skin. Actually, Coffee is usually associated with waking people up in the morning, but it can also perk up your skin.

The caffeine contained in coffee is very beneficial to the skin. It treats redness and inflammation, reduces the appearance of under-eye circles, gets rid of cellulite and even helps avoid skin cancer, especially melomana, one of the deadliest skin diseases in the world. By incorporating caffeine into your skin care routine, you can reveal evenly toned, smooth skin all over your body.

The medicinal values of coffee are known worldwide and some skin products manufacturers have incorporated caffeine in skin products. Therefore one can have body lotions, hand cremes, body soaps, bath gels, skin smoothing scrubs, face polish, eye-brightening palette, facial masks, eye cream, body perfume and all one not.

Moreso it is possible to use coffee grounds as body scrub and body wrap. These will provide several skin benefits, including improved skin texture and circulation with a temporary cellulite reduction. You can also exfoliate your body with coffee grounds, as they improve circulation, leaving you with smooth, glowing skin and taking away dead skin to reveal new healthy skin underneath.
Medically, Cafffeine has also been proven to protect against Malignant Melanoma. This skin cancer can be difficult to treat. Early diagnosis and treatment can increase the survival rate from melanoma. So your morning coffee might not only perk you up, but it can help to protect you against Melomana.  Researches carried out in 2013 showed that people who drank one to three cups a day had about a 10 percent decreased risk of melanoma compared with those who drank none at all, while those who drank four or more cups had a 20 percent decreased risk. And caffeine could be the reason for the apparent protection. The researchers found a significant decrease in melanoma risk only among those who drank caffeinated coffee, and previous studies have indicated that caffeine could protect skin cells against ultraviolet-B radiation.


So, if you had apprehensions on drinking coffee, you now have a lot to benefit by doing so!

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