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Camer Bloggers meet Founder and CEO of Ratu International Festival

The Ratu International Festival continues to be widely discussed in the media. The new media are not left out. FabAfriq and the Camer Bloggers met last Sunday the beautiful and sultry CEO and Founder of the Ratu International Festival. Being part of the communication process and facilitating the spread of news and information, the new media moguls decided to hang out with Ratu Erma Olierhoek to have an insight of the event and shed more light in their various platforms.


Present at the hang out were models of BelleB Modeling agency directed by Beryl Belle, members of the Camer Bloggers, the Ratu Team, FabAfriq Magazine team, renowned Cameroonian model Afor Ntubam and Nora Ndem, Miss Cameroon USA 2014. Some guest were also present, among which starters and beginners in blogging, and some participants coming to learn and have an idea of what the event is all about. After a brief introduction of the participants, Ratu Erma presented the concept behind the event and the questions session began.

The assistance was very inquisitive, especially the models who were particularly interested in cat walking during the event. They inquire on what was expected from them and they went further asking questions on fashion and modeling experiences of the founder. They also inquired in having some advice on how to develop their carrier and grow in the domain of fashion. Erma took her time to encourage them, specifying the types of models found and needed in the industry, the international standards for models, and she shared her personal experiences with some of her difficulties and successes.

The bloggers on their part were more interested in knowing why the event was launched in Cameroon? What are the economic and business benefits and advantages for Cameroon and what are the motivations behind this outstanding and one in the kind concept? Taking into consideration that organizing such an illustrious event requires huge funding, is she and her organizing committee do not apprehend failure? Nor consider the risks in such a venture? In reply to all these questions, the founder talked about her love and passion for fashion, and the love she has for Cameroon which has become her second home. She went further saying that Cameroon and Indonesia has so many similarities. The same food though consumed in different ways, the usage of “Batik” in their traditional regalia and the indigenous are black in complexion as Cameroonians, just to name a few. More so, there are Cameroonians living in Indonesia, most of them for business and sport activities. The love and passion for everything she does has given her the courage to take risks in ventures. Being a daughter of an arm forced officer, she has been trained since her tender age to face difficulties with bravery and courage. Yet apprehensions are always there but doing great things imply taking risks, moving forward in life is all about taking risks.
It is on this note that the curtains were drawn on this exciting and inspiring hangout with Ratu Erma Olierhoek. The tone is set for a successful festival and we all await the three days to educate, promote and celebrate the talents of music, fashion and movie.

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