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FabAfriq Hosts Cameroon Forum

 The 16th of July 2011 will see an influx of Cameroonians in the UK to Birmingham City, as they gather for yet another exciting event by Cameroon Forum hosted by FabAfriq Magazine on Saturday, 16th July 2011 at the Deaf Cultural Centre, Ladywood Road, Birmingham, B16 8SZ.

Cameroon Forum is a civil society organisation which seeks to pool a diverse portfolio of Cameroonian professionals, associations, businesses and related institutions. Our ultimate goal is to foster rich and diverse bilateral relations between the UK and Cameroon through greater social, economic and cultural integration. 

 Theme: Strength Through Unity

Mentoring, Enterprise and Networking of Community Organisations; Building a strong, vibrant overseas Cameroonian community.

MENTORING: Creating tools for sustainable knowledge and skill transfer assuring a legacy for subsequent generations. Creating relative advantages in career development for mentors and protégés.

ENTERPRISE: Enhancing our collective potential as a community to spend less and yield more. How to leverage collective buying power through private and community enterprise - *Cameroon Diaspora Investment Fund (CDIF) and 1000x1000*

NETWORKING: Come and make your contribution to community and nation building. Every citizen matters. “It is the individual pearls that come together to make the necklace”. Share the platform and your skills, while maintaining that which is unique to you.

Be part of a new thing; part of a good thing!


 **Participants are expected from across the United Kingdom. Make this a weekend away. Make new friends and meet old ones. Take advantage of discounted hotel accommodation and travel to Birmingham.

For more information, contact: Raymond on 07424 065 421 or Adeline on 07950 194420



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