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Cameroon Movie Industry On The Rise

The African movie industry is booming from all indications.  At the  Nollywood and African Film awards, many talents were rewarded for the contribution they have made to the film industry in Africa. The latest addition to Nigeria and Ghana with regards to making great movie is Cameroon. The new movie generation is are not only talented, are making frantic efforts in putting their art on the world stage (According to Dr Victor Olatoye, CEO of  NAFCA) 

In the last five years, the music and movie industries have seen the rise of many celebrities and top personalities in these industries. 

Cameroon Ministry of culture is clearly pushing the young generation forward. In many instances, the minister of Culture Ama Tutu has been seen on movie sets, film and music meetings, award ceremonies and has also written letters of recommendations. Recently, she was honoured at the NAFCA's prestigious award. Imagine the joy of  those present, when her award was elegantly received by her representatives Maybelle Boma, Cameroon' s Gospel Music celebrity and  Award winning  film producer Agbor Gilber Ebot

“It was a heavy task, lifting Minister Ama Tutu’s statuette and I felt like I was in a completely different world,” says Maybelle,  “In fact, the minister made us proud of our country and we immediately found ourselves on top of the ladder, it was a great moment,” 

Maybelle, gospel singer and actress spoke the laureates words, thanking NAFCA for the confidence bestowed on Cameroon in the process. The entertainment promoter, known for her relentless efforts in marketing the image of her country beckoned on Nigeria and Ghana to multiply their interest in Cameroon and watch out for the latter’s process, for as she puts it “we are on the fast lane, heading to glory.” 

The prestigious award was handed over to the Cameroonian Ambassador to the US Foe Atangana, who will safely pass it on to the minister of culture.

Below is a video from the Minister of Culture, thanking the entire NAFCA Team and  Team +237.

Ninah's Dowry, the multiple award winning Cameroon movie, also won Best Film on the night. Anyone who has watched this movie would agree that for a very long time now, nobody has brought something so original to the screens. It is a typical example of a master piece. Victor Viyouh  has no doubt made us proud in producing such an amazing piece. Ninah's Dowry's award-winning spree is touring the globe - from Paris to Amsterdam to Houston and beyond!

The Cameroon Film Industry was also recognised on the night, as a growing force within the Cameroonian community to put Cameroon on the entertainment map. CFI representative for the Diaspora Akim Macauley, Film producer/Director expreessed his excitement by calling on more people to believe in this new revolution. In a brief interview with team Tiptopstars magazine he shared his feelings by saying "It was so memorable and I am glad this is happening for our country". Akim has been instrumental in the African Oscars from its inception in 2011 and is also hosting the SANNAH Awards in Hilton Hotel Cameroon on the 28th of December 2013.

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