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Super Model Search Cameroon!

Finally!  It is about time someone pulls the bulls by the horns. The search is on and brand new telescope has been bought by a creative team to source out an exceptional super model in Africa  to develop the fashion industry at the same time. There is a void in the modeling industry in Africa and there is the need to fill it with aspiring models. It is time for  African super models to grace the runways for the fashion designers in Africa and internationally. 

The Brains Behind:

This concept is brought to life by executive producer David Nso, famous Cameroonian Model and actor and coordinated by Kibonen Nfi. Alas, some  young Cameroonians are working hard to develop the fashion industry in Cameroon and are out for the real deal through the Cameroon Fashion Industry common innititative group. The idea behind this joint venture which was set up in Douala Cameroon  is to address and develop the fashion business in Cameroon.

The Scene
The heat is on! the venue has been located!  the expressions of interest has been signed by many aspiring models and the team is officially putting out the logo and posters for the Super Model Search 2011 Reality TV show. This show is aimed at educating the Cameroonian on modelling , developing potential models and making a super model out of the ordinary girl.

The team is working relentlessly, to make this dream a reality and change the life of a young girl, bring her to the international lime light and make her excel.

Your support is needed to make this blow out, if you cover their backs, they will make sure your country proudly stands out at an international level. Let's ride together.

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