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Cameroonian Business Woman Viola Llewellyn Hits the Headlines of Forbes Afrique

We love glossy magazines, that is why we were excited to see the great feature on Viola Llewellyn in the March Issue of Forbes Afrique. As millions of women celebrate International Day of the woman around the world some high profiled female leaders celebrated this day by empowering others.During the entire month of March, Viola Llewellyn COO of Ovamba has been invited to over five women events and TV programs to inspire and empower women from different ethnic background. As a leading woman in the FinTech Viola believes women should excel to achieve whatever they want.

After delivering a keynote address at the KPMG Diversity Summit, celebrating the rise of Fintech of women in the development of modern banking, participating at NAW and being nominated as one of the new African Woman in banking, Viola hits the headlines of the 32nd issue of international business review Forbes Afrique.

The French review of Forbes Afrique highlights the professional background and career of Viola, pointing out her successes but also the crash of the former financial institution in which she made her first steps in the financial world. This prompted her to stand on her own feet, leading to the creation of Ovamba Solutions in the USA with Marvin Cole, Co-founder of Ovamba Inc in 2009.
It all started with a tour in the African continent which made her and Marvin realized the difficulties for SMEs to get funding for the growth and development of their businesses. Representing the institution in Douala and in the CEMAC zone, Viola in a nutshell defines the purpose and objectives of Ovamba solution. It is a platform or an online financial market providing funds to SMEs with fast and technical solutions.

Viola goes on to explain the measures and the steps to follow in providing SMEs with funds, the prerequisites or qualifications for an SME to benefit from Ovamba's platform. She concludes with the precision that their fintech is not a bank and lays out the difference in handling funding by banks and Fintechs.
Being very optimistic, she reiterates the engagement of Ovamba towards SMEs, talks about Ovamba’s new product and the exciting innovative projects Ovamba has for SMEs for 2016. We think this is a great read! Grab a copy of Forbes Afrique and enjoy!


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